Canon announced today that they have updated the VIXIA HF G and R-Series lineup of camcorders with four new models, the VIXIA HF G40, VIXIA HF R72, VIXIA HF R70, and the VIXIA HF R700 camcorders. All of these updates are fairly minor, mostly focusing on improved sensors while keeping the same overall design.

The VIXIA HF G40 (above) is Canon’s new borderline professional camcorder, which features the same HD CMOS PRO Image Sensor as that found in Canon’s XA35 and XA30 professional camcorders, as well as 20x optical zoom and stabilization . A new “Looks” setting has been added for easy access to creative imaging effects such as Highlight Priority Gamma and Wide Dynamic Range Gamma. While these are certainly nice features for a stripped-down, professional grade camcorder, it’s a little disappointing to see that they haven’t been able to implement 4K video like some of their competitors.


The big news for the R-series camcorders is improved battery life and the addition of NFC. The VIXIA R72 (above), R70, and R700 all have the same 57x optical zoom as their previous iterations, but with an improved, 3.28MP image sensor, and the R70 now has 16gb of internal memory, good for six hours of recording. The R72 and R70 now have both WiFi and NFC, which work with accompanying smartphone apps to give users some control over key functions as well as a remote monitor. All of the R-series models also benefit from an improved LCD screen and higher capacity battery, which was previously only available as an add-on.

All of the new camcorders are said to have improved low-light performance and a better dynamic range, but it seems like Canon might be treading water in the shrinking camcorder market. These four new models will be released in February of 2016, costing $1300 for the G40, $450 for the R72, $400 for the R70, and $300 for the R700.