The lighting pros at Westcott are changing the ways videographers and photographers manage their lighting setups. Used in conjunction with its other products, the modular Scrim Jim Cine product line, which is comprised of frames, diffusers, and fabrics, is a powerful and customizable setup for various lighting scenarios, whether in studio, on location or on the road.


BTS with Jem Schofield. Photo courtesy of Westcott.

The Scrim Jim Cine product line improves upon the original Scrim Jim and prides itself in its modular, true-to-size, quality construction. The Cine frames are made of heavy-duty, yet lightweight, anodized aluminum and come in various colors, providing ultimate light-direction and bouncing control for directors, videographers, and photographers. They are also double-laminated and include built-in fasteners for quick and easy attachment to the Scrim Jim Cine Frames; not to mention, they are affordable and can fit in a bag the size of a tripod.

To develop the Cine line, Westcott looked to Jem Schofield, founder of theC47, an educational resource for videographers and filmmakers. His relationship began with the company in 2013 when he began to receive products for testing. Now, the latest Scrim Jim Cine line was rebooted based on feedback from Schofield and other videographers, just one of the many instances Westcott innovated its products based on direct feedback from a professional. “I give them feedback in terms of what I think is working and not working with their prototype models,” says Schofield. “Then, they go back to the drawing board, make new prototypes, and get me new samples. It’s incredible how open they are to our ideas.

“First of all, one of the biggest changes from the original line is that the frame system is beefier now—it’s a 1’x1’ inch square frame system. And most importantly, it’s based on a positive locking system, so everything locks into place and doesn’t come apart unless you deactivate it.”


BTS with Jem Schofield. Photo courtesy of Westcott.

Additionally, Jem’s involvement with Westcott led to the recent release of two new kits designed for videographers: the C47 Book Light Kit and C47 DP Kit, to be used alongside the existing Scrim Jim Cine line of products.

The C47 DP Kit includes a 4’x4’ inch Scrim Jim Cine modular frame and a diffuser with both black and white bounce fabric. The C47 Book Light Kit, on the other hand, includes two Scrim Jim Cine frames held together like a book, a hot setup among videographers these days, as it takes the edge off harsh lighting and mimics the look of film (and yes, we do mean celluloid). Both kits are designed to be used with Westcott’s Flex LED lighting line, featuring 5600K, water-resistant, dust-proof light mats that can be bent, folded, and, well, flexed, to be mounted in any space and concealed in any location.

“I developed these kits for markets that I thought could really use all in one solutions based on the Scrim Jim Cine,” says Schofield. “They’re designed to maximize mobility and create the quality of light people are looking for, but don’t necessarily know how to create if they’re not entrenched in TV or film production.”


BTS with Jem Schofield. Photo courtesy of Westcott.

In addition to his work with Westcott, Schofield has worked with companies such as Sekonic and Lowel on the development of future products for the film industry. His production company, Buttons Productions, has produced content for clients such as the New York Times, Canon and Zeiss. You can check out his website, Click here for more on Westcott’s Scrim Jim Cine products.