Hungarian photographer, Flora Borsi is known for her surreal and conceptual photography. In her latest project, Flora uses the eyes of animals to create stunning self-portraits, blending herself with the animal used for the photos in a series she calls “Animeyed”. With creative lighting, hair and makeup, Flora is able to beautifully blend herself with the animals, creating a series that is visually stunning.

Animal-Eyes-Series-Flora-Borsi-2Animal-Eyes-Series-Flora-Borsi-3 Animal-Eyes-Series-Flora-Borsi-5 Animal-Eyes-Series-Flora-Borsi-4 Animal-Eyes-Series-Flora-Borsi-1 Animal-Eyes-Series-Flora-Borsi-6

These images were created using a Canon 7D, and the animals were found on Adobe Stock, and blended to the image using Photoshop. You can see more of Flora’s work on her website here.

[via Sorta]