This morning Lomography announced their latest lens, a versatile 50mm focal length and fast f/1.5 maximum aperture called the Jupiter 3+ Art for M-mount cameras. Lomography says it “has an outstandingly shallow depth of field at large apertures and yields stunning results in all kinds of settings, whether you’re shooting in low light or bright sunshine. Subjects will pop out from the frame while the defocused areas will be drenched in beautiful bokeh, resulting in an extremely unique image quality.”

web_Jupiter_front_5,6 web_Jupiter_quarter-left web_Jupiter_quarter-right web_Jupiter_with-cap

Though it will be a great find for Leica shooters, thanks to adapters the Jupiter 3+ can work on a wide variety of modern, and classic, cameras.

web_Jupiter-3_FED4 web_Jupiter-3_Fuijifilm-X-mount web_Jupiter-3_LTM web_Jupiter-3_M-mount web_Jupiter-3_M8 web_Jupiter-3_Olympus-Fourthirds web_Jupiter-3_Sony-A7-NEX web_Jupiter-3_Sony-NEX

First developed in Soviet Russia in the late 1940’s, the original Jupiter lens was crafted by the optical pioneers at the Zenit factory in the suburbs of Moscow and came to be loved for the incredible character it gave to the images captured with it. Since then, it’s been used to capture millions of photographs around the world. But production of the Jupiter 3 was halted in 1988 and the option to find one has become more difficult as time goes on. Lomography is proud to bring this lens back into the spotlight and make it available once again to a new generation of photographers.

  • Focal Length: 50mm
  • Aperture: f/1.5 – 1/22
  • Lens Mount: L39, includes Leica M-mount adapter
  • M-mount Adapter Frame Line Triggering: 50mm frame line
  • Rangefinder Coupling:  Yes
  • Minimum image circle: 44mm
  • Field of view : 46 degrees
  • Flange distance: 28.8mm (L39 mount) 27.8mm (M mount)
  • Closest Focusing Distance: 0.7m
  • Filter Thread Requirement: 40.5mm
  • Lens Construction: 7 elements in 3 groups

Curious what images look like taken with the new Jupiter 3+? So were we. Thankfully, Lomography provided several samples for us to peruse:

DSC01331 FH000012_Kieko













The New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens is being produced in small batches and thus will be available on a very limited first-come, first-served basis in the Lomography Online Shop.