Stuart Pantoll has mastered the craft of macro photography by blending it with a stunning portrayal of a miniature world enveloped by the most unusual set-up and small scale production designs. His images rival various make-believe fantasy worlds depicted in motion pictures and other animated works. The London-based artist, who according to his Instagram bio has been “leaving little people on the streets since 2006,” explains the satisfaction he gets in setting up each shot for his photography series that is taking Instagram by storm and has now amassed more than 82,000 followers. “Working very low to the ground has given me a different perspective,” he tells Instagram blog. “And now I’m a bit obsessed with finding hidden nooks in the city.” he adds. Aside from exploring the streets of London to set up his brand of photography, Stuart also brings along his trademark street art in the many cities he had visited in the past which includes; Beijing, Berlin and Doha, Quatar.

Using an assortment of everyday household items such as; medicine tablets, soda cans, headphones, tennis ball, banana peel, beer bottles and a myriad of other usual stuff, Stuart incorporates these things with uncanny natural surroundings to the world he creates for his tiny toy figures. The end result of each of his photographs shows an otherworldly scene that dishes out a fascinating visual feast to the viewer’s eyes. What amaze his followers more is not only limited to the optical element Stuart’s photographs produces, but also the narrative part that goes along each image. A semblance of a story is formed in every picture, which further entices the viewers to follow his characters more.

To see more of Stuart Pantoll’s captivating miniature world, please follow him at Instagram @slinkachu_official and check out his other merchandises based on his works at his official website.