Got a GoPro? Then you can quickly and easily make a spherical virtual reality image with the help of the Pano 5+1. The name says it all really; just take five, evenly rotated images plus one of the sky and you have everything you need to make a spherical panorama, perfectly spaced out for easy stitching. But before you get too excited, it’s important to note that this is an Indiegogo project that’s still in the early stages of crowdfunding, so it will likely be a while before you can get your own.

Pano 5 plus 1 screen grab

Still, with a simple, low cost design that mounts on almost any tripod or even on a water bottle, there’s no reason this little GoPro companion won’t become the source of a wide range of VR images in the near future. When you’re on top of a mountain of fresh powder, about to capture that epic run with your trusty GoPro mounted to your helmet, it’d be great to get a VR image of the view first.

pano 5plus1

What it can do:

  • Allows the users to choose from the spherical or cylindrical panorama
  • Easiest camera locating achieved by two intersected drop-in slots
  • Fluent operation during the shooting
  • Compatible with 1/4″ and 3/8″ thread tripod
  • Availability to be fixed on kinds of beverage bottles, when with no tripod
  • The anodized aluminum base mount with a bubble level integrated
  • The one-step injection molding rotary part ensures the accuracy of the product
  • Non-cranebracket structure to ensure the stability of the camera
  • Six 12mega pixels GoPro shots add up to a super high resoulution panorama
  • Great performance benifits from Gopro’s manual ISO and WB
  • The 5+1 layout prevent the moving object from appearing in more than 2 shots,
    making the overlapping very easy.

To see some impressive examples of what the Pano 5+1 can do, check out some of their sample images.