Announced this morning, Alien Skin Software has started their winter sale, offering 30% off of all their products for a limited time. As I’ve said before, Alien Skin Exposure X is the only plugin I use within Adobe Photoshop, and appreciate it for its feature heavy toning options, while allowing easy customization. Alongside my uses, Alien Skin has been used and beloved by some of the photography industry’s top photographers, including Sue Bryce and Lara Jade.

Though Alien Skin Exposure X isn’t the only software on sale right now. Blow Up 3, Eye Candy 7, and Snap Art 4 are all also on sale, allowing you to try a lot of really interesting and innovative tools on the cheap. Below is a photo that I took, to show you the possibilities of toning within Alien Skin Exposure X. You can get the 30% off deal right now by heading to their online store.


[via Alien Skin]