There are two things in the english language that almost never go together: “French” and “badass.” However, today we have the rare exception. Candide Thovex, the freestyle skier, has graced the world with another of his epic videos. If you have been active in the online community you probably remember his last video. It started with an astounding  first person view shot where he woke up had his morning coffee, and walked up to a mirror to put on his ski goggles, but no camera appeared. That video topped 18 million views, and his newest rendition is sure to follow in its viral steps.

Thovex is an X- Games winner and the 2009-2010 Free Ride World Champion, which should be apparent with some of the tricks, spins and flips he lands in the video above. The finished video clearly takes place over time, or perhaps he really is dropping significantly in altitude, as you can tell the quality and quantity of the snow drastically changes. All that aside, this is a jaw-dropper of a video.