If you keep one ear to the ground in the photography world, you have no doubt seen a particular Facebook post that “famous” photographer Jake Olson posted a couple days ago. You know, a post about a car that culminated in him encouraging one of the commentors to commit suicide? Yeah, that one. The thing is, this isn’t particularly new for Jake. He’s been saying things like this for years, years now, folks. So if you’re a fan of Jake, are considering purchasing something he’s made, or if you just like the idea of watching a dumpster fire, I’m here to show you how deep the Jake Olson rabbit hole goes.

Firstly, for those who have not yet seen it, here is the Facebook post that is garnering so much attention:

Photographer Jake Olson

So… what is exactly going on here? Well, besides insulting Ashley (who I am assuming is someone in his close personal circle? Girlfriend? Wife? I don’t know, it doesn’t really matter), admitting he paid $190,000 for an SUV (you can have money, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend it wisely apparently), and I think he’s attempting to brag at having money to spend (this is unconfirmed, but highly likely based on his past), we have a guy who seems to enjoy 1) baiting and 2) mercilessly attacking his commenters. Jake is quick to point out his Wikipedia page as proof that he is famous and successful (which, oddly, I don’t think anyone was questioning in the first place), and then tells the commenter to “give suicide some thought.”

Apparently wishing death on someone is finally the straw the broke the camel’s back, as finally the photo community is taking notice and fighting back. But there is so much more that Jake has said in the past that, for some reason, he’s been able to “rise above” so to speak. What follows is a wonderful list that could fall under “how to not be a well-loved person” or “rules to follow to assure your photography business struggles,” but in this case it’s photography business sins Jake Olson has committed over the years.

Sin #1: Being Totally Unprofessional to Clients

Why do you want to be professional to clients? Well, because you’re a professional right? Like, that’s part of the question. We generally want to behave this way because we value business, our clients, and the success of not only ourselves, but of our clients. It’s why bad service at restaurants is a leading sinker of that kind of business, or why we won’t go back to a hairdresser, masseuse, or vendor of really just about anything if the service is horrendous. Being professional and providing good service is a hallmark of a successful business. However, Jake happens to be so successful, and so rich, that he doesn’t have to abide by this rule. Let’s watch:

(Note: this email was uploaded to the public website Imgur.com specifically as a reference piece by a Redditor to show how Jake treats customers)

Photographer-Jake-Olson-2 copy

Photographer-Jake-Olson-1-2 (1)


SUMMARY: Jake Olson completed a portrait session with this client who we will call “Jen” based on her email. Jen appears to have legitimate complaints: she didn’t really like the photos Jake took, and Jake seemed to take far too long to send her the finished images. These are two rather egregious complaints to levy against a photographer, and any self-respecting photographer who owned his own business would do everything he could to make it right, because that’s what business people do.

That’s not what Jake Olson does.

Instead, Jake makes excuses as to why they were late (though we should give him some credit, he did slide a half-assed apology in there), again brings up how amazing and famous he is (oh look, the Wikipedia page again), and demeans and basically sneers at the client who has a real point: she does not care about his fame, his popularity or his money. She cares about getting a product for which she paid. Not too much to ask, especially since she’s a client and she did give him money. His reasoning and final answer are so absurd that I’m at a loss, so I’ll let you draw your own conclusions there.

Sin #2: Bigotry

I believe we just saw Manny Paquiao lose his Nike sponsorship due pretty much entirely to comments like these:

Photographer Jake Olson Bigot

Photographer Jake Olson Bigot

Just because you’re famous doesn’t give you free reign to be a bigot. End of story.

#3: Humiliating a fan in front of clients

Despite what he, and maybe you, might think, it does matter how you appear in front of clients. If you do something outlandish and cruel, clients will put on a good face, but they will talk about you afterwards. How do I know? Because I’ve been on both sides of the table when it comes to negotiating large contracts with photographers. I’ve seen truly ridiculous stuff happen when a photographer has an overinflated sense of self worth, and I’ve seen that ego destroy more photographers than I care to count.

If what Jake Olson says happened in the comments below actually did happen, I assure you that the client in the room was forming some very solid opinions about Jake’s person, despite how they might have appeared to Jake at the time.

Photographer Jake Olson Attacking Commenter

And what if the client was just as amused as Jake apparently is here? It still doesn’t excuse his behavior and kind of dips into Sin #1. Jake truly believes, based on his last comment, that because he is famous, he can be an asshole to anyone for any reason. Again, this is a guy who sells product to you, the burgeoning photographer. That’s just a reminder as to where your money is going.

Sin #4: Insulting your peers

I mean… I get defending yourself that you didn’t copy someone, but this is completely uncalled for.

Jake Olson Photography

Sin #5: Baiting

To me, this is actually the worst sin out of all of them. Before this, there was some kind of catalyst that made him respond in the ways he did. Someone didn’t like a photo, someone accused him of copying someone else, a client was unhappy… they all start outside of Jake Olson and his responses are just the problem. Here, this one, this is where he starts a fight with the explicit desire to bait, demean, and denigrate another member of the photo community. This is a conversation from a Facebook group from two years ago, which shows how long Jake has been doing this. Jake was kicked out of this Facebook group for doing this, and he did not take that well. At any rate, here is what he did:

Jake Olson Photographer Nebraska

SUMMARY: Jake posted a photo that he himself knows is quite good and has been purchased for a book cover (and yes, I totally agree it’s a pretty darn good photo). He posted the photo in a group that was specifically set up to help photographers improve, therefore critiques were commonplace and expected. Not only that, he asked for a critique.

But Jake didn’t post his photo to get critiques or help people improve. He posted it hoping someone would critique it so that he could publicly attack and demean them.

That statement above is not speculation: it’s fact. Looking at how the conversations unfolded with users and his response with a new post at the end are prime examples of how he planned to amuse himself for the evening by insulting, attacking and being a generally unpleasant person to users of a group who earnestly want to improve as photographers.

Jake makes educational material. Jake knows that not everyone is a good photographer. Jake is aiming to sell his product specifically to the people he’s attacking. That is some backwards marketing right there.

Jake Olson Photographer Wikipedia

Above is the top of Jake Olson’s Wikipedia page, the page that he more than likely submitted himself. (How do I know this? Well, per Wikipedia, the page is an “Apparent autobiographical advertisement page created and edited by subject.”) You know, the one he regularly rubs in the faces of anyone and everyone, and even made his Facebook background image? Yeah he actually did that:

Jake Olson Facebook Page

Anyway, you’ll notice that statement at the top of the page by Wikipedia: “Article being considered for deletion.” The reason for this is so juicily, tastily ironic that I could spread it on my morning toast:

“Appears to not be notable.”

Jake Olson, the “famous” photographer who has repeatedly and regularly stated how “famous” and well known he is, is not “famous” enough to have a Wikipedia page.

So by Jake’s own definition, being famous means he can be an asshole to anyone he wants. Except Jake Olson is not famous, he’s just mean.

I don’t know if he cares, but his attitude has not gone unnoticed (I think in Sin #1 he expressly states he wants bad reviews though, so maybe he is getting what he wants?). If you look here, you can see page upon page of bad reviews.

What are your thoughts, folks? His photos are pretty good, that much I think we can for the most part agree on, but does that excuse how he speaks to other people? We would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.

  • Famous people don’t need to tell others they’re famous….because that’s how fame works.

    • David J. Crewe

      ^^^^ Nailed it.

    • bueller345

      I wish Resource magazine would make me famous! I guess the secret is to be an asshole…

      • Nah. I’m an editor here. Create some work that is compelling and you’re passionate about, and send it to us. If it has a good message, we’ll likely feature it.

    • I feel like he’s going for being the Kanye of schmaltzy photos, which is an interesting space.

      • I wonder when he’ll ask Mark for a handout?

      • MichaelSidney

        Ryan Brenizer. To me this guy is famous, and quietly goes around shooting lots of weddings and genuinely helping learners. Someone who actually has a photographic method named after him and isn’t, as far as I can tell, a doucheberry of the highest order. Be like Ryan.

        • I definitely try to rise no higher than medium-order douchebag.

          • Franc Peret

            Dear Ryan,
            I am not often on forum (no much time for it) but seeing your name here, I am taking the opportunity to drop some lines for you. I am not an English speaker, so excuse my grammar…

            People mainly judge pictures for their look and according what they feel from it.
            It is very restrictive.
            They rarely take in account the condition (environment), the amount of work and overall skills behind each shot.
            Also, if getting a beautiful image of a single moment is something great, succeeding a series of beautiful and meaningful shots telling a complete story means a lot more in term of skills, concept, sensitivity, commitment and technical diversity.
            And doing such meaningful series during an event with tight schedule, pressure and lots of people around, raise the difficulties one step higher.
            Street photography, portraiture in the wild or in a studio, with a single person, is a piece of cake compare to wedding photography which is, at your level, in term of difficulties, a tough mix of:
            1 – Photojournalism: Being there at the right moment, with the right set up, adapting to the available light and coming out with a series of great shots to tell a specific story.
            2 – Fashion photography: Lighting control and directing people but not professional models, which is even more challenging.
            3 – Pure creativity: concept, style, composition, innovation, art direction without much time for it.
            I really admire your work for the quality and the beauty of the final output, but most of all, I admire your amazing efficiency and your instant creativity (an instinctive sense of beauty) while working in such tense and difficult conditions, each time being able to deliver something different.
            Also having the skill to please such a wide panel of clients who are having so many different personalities, style, looks and hope is another of your quality.
            Keep the great job!

          • Thank you Franc! It is difficult in many different ways but that’s what makes it keep being rewarding!

        • fsi22

          Absolutely. Ryan Brenizer is an incredible person, A few others are Aaron Nace, Sean Bagshaw, Zack Arias. Problem is there’s so many other “famous” photographers who are utter morons.

    • Django G-S


  • johntschell

    Can we get a list of the companies he’s shooting for so we know who to boycott until they drop this homophobe?

    • I think we’d find the list to be incredibly short and incredibly obscure.

      • Chris Pickrell


      • Fergarama

        I’m thinking there is no list.

    • I feel like I’ve seen his name crop up on those 5 day deal/charity bundles. I suspect getting dropped from those would sprinkle some much needed humility in his life.

    • Torrey Voigt

      its on his website…easy to find. He boasts about it everywhere.

    • Sean Hamilton

      Im Boycotting Jen thats for sure.

  • Thomas Jon Sebul

    The Huffington Post Article he constantly references is a paid for blog post created by a marketing firm, and the same marketing firm was paid to write a similar blog post over at Forbes. Similarly, Jake Olson’s twitter has ~35k followers and averages 1 or 2 likes per tweet.

    Regarding his photography, I think he must be from the School of Kinkade – can Jake Olson photograph something besides that same road and sunset?

  • I sort of hate that we’re all giving him the attention that he’s seeking.

    • Carlos Mencia as stealing jokes from stand up comedians for years, and no one spoke out about him because they didn’t want to give him more attention. The result, is the general populous didn’t know he was stealing material from other comedians, and he ended up getting a TV shows, movie deals and everything else, because his theft was unknown outside an underground network. Eventually Joe rogan spoke up about it, got a group of other comedians to also speak up about it, and you know what happened. His endorsements ended, his career fell, and he was punished for his actions.

      I understand the idea of not giving him attention, because he feeds off of it. But the knowledge of his wrong doings outweigh the satisfaction he gains from knowing people are looking at him.

      • Mike Olbinski

        Wow, I did not know that about Carlos, I always laugh at his standup on Comedy Central.

      • Natasha Casias

        Also take into account the people who are looking at him AND supporting him, they aren’t paying him, they are just laughing with him. He may get “likes”, but we as seasoned photographers all know “likes” don’t equal money. He may be getting attention, but he sure as hell aint getting paid.

    • Chris Pickrell

      I’m ok with it. Because the more SEO and google searches, the more these stories will come out.

    • Don’t Sean. I guarantee you THIS isn’t the attention he was seeking. He can lie all he wants to about it now, but the reality is that he’ll now either apologize and try to move forward as a better business and person or just fade away back to obscurity. It’s his choice now.

      • ubiquity99

        If he really, truly wanted this kind of attention he wouldn’t be vigorously scrubbing his FB profiles and blocking people.

    • Aaron Pelly

      Reading through the comments, I immediately noticed the way he talks about others and about himself is very similar to the way a certain presidential candidate speaks. And yeah, he’s probably getting the attention he wants, just like that candidate.

    • Teh Moose

      Its important to give them enough rope to hang themselves. Just from this, he’s lost three of his precious workshops because he’s a huge, ignorant tool.

    • And the halfassed apologies have begun on his Facebook page. Even those are douchebaggy. Lol. This fucking guy…

  • kylesford

    Thank you for putting this all together. I’ve seen this shit crop up 3 separate times over the past couple years; it’s about time he got called out professionally.

  • but it seems like jakey boy is right, bad publicity helps. the last week (i guess the last 7 days) he have gained around 6700 followers on his facebook page. humanity is lost yet again

    • Facebook followers don’t signify success, and everyone wants to see a trainwreck. I wouldn’t worry about the added attention he’s getting, afterall, you’re checking his numbers over the last 7 days out of your own curiosity.

      • didn’t say that followers signify success 😉 Just saying.

    • Harry Aaron

      This could easily be him hitting the panic button and paying a third party a few hundred dollars to bolster the numbers on his Social Media pages. I’ve seen my fair share of shooters spend hundreds/thousands to boost their accounts with fake followings.

      • yeah could be. but then again, this story has just started getting traction. And stuff like this takes a while to reach the general public.

        will be interesting to see what happens. if anything happens.

        • Rene Garcia

          Seems like this is already affecting him in a negative way, his workshops have been cancelled.

      • It’s not. It’s people tuning in to watch the train wreck.

  • Ryan Longnecker

    can you post the links to the referenced interactions? From what I can see they were all VERY recent, I’d just like to see if this is a long history of happening of if there’s a possibility of being hacked? If he is being hacked then I’d feel REEEALLY bad for him, if he’s not he’ll swiftly feel internet justice. Anyways can you post the links?

    • Mike Olbinski

      One of the screencaptures above said it happened two years ago, so that’s not recent

      • Ryan Longnecker

        I guess it would help for me to read the whole article carefully

        • Mike Olbinski

          Been there, done that haha

    • Justin McClintic
    • Sage Justice

      The article says the F Stoppers group post was made two years ago, so it sounds like it’s been going on for a while. So damn cringy.

      • Ryan Longnecker

        supes cringy

    • The interaction on 500px is also pretty old. I’m friends with some of the people in that thread and they had totally forgotten about it it was so long ago.

    • Joyce Hudson

      Not being hacked. He said nasty things like that to me a couple of years ago. Told me to kill myself because I dared to disagree with something he had posted.

      • Ryan Longnecker

        Joyce, sorry to hear that, i just wanted to be sure the art community wasn’t burying a guy so quickly if being hacked was the potential reason all of that was happening. But more and more people have said with evidence that this is not new behavior. Just saying that we should always check our resources is all.

        • Joyce Hudson

          I understand. I try to check things out first, too. No it’s not new behavior for him but it seems to be escalating in frequency and nastiness.

  • Justin McClintic

    I wish you would have gone into the fact he constantly changes the price of those tutorials. I read a post showing his reply to someone that found out his tutorial was being offered for $4.99 after they paid $79.99. His response was along the lines of what you see above. He also claims the tutorial is worth varying amounts up to $399. I think all the people that bought the tutorial for more than $4.99 should join together in a class action lawsuit. Hit him somewhere it really hurts, his precious bank account!

    • CK

      That price of $4.99 was for 72 hours. Now it dropped to $2.99.

      • Justin McClintic

        Yeah, but the point being he changes the price constantly. Then when people that paid $80 or $100 ask for their money back he’s less than helpful and downright rude to them.

    • Monika

      I purchased for those 4.99$ just for curious on his editing. It is not worth it even those 5$ because he basically recorded his phone call to some client. It is obvious he deletes bad comments as is impossible that people would like it.

      • Justin McClintic

        That’s not good. Imagine the money he’s still going to make if everyone that reads this goes and still buys his crap out of curiosity.

        • Monika

          Well I bought it two months ago before all this started. And as he deletes all the bad reviews on his facebook page I didn’t know what person and even photographer he is. So after saw his amatuerly done webinar I was shocked. Now I know and understand why his workshop is so crap even he has so many followers and good reviews.

  • Kevin

    Prior to reading this article, I had never heard of Jake Olson.

    • HealthyAmerican


      • Jeffrey Eatley

        Same here!

    • Lorri A


    • ThatPhotoManTrav


    • Lorrine

      Same here

  • Benjamin Koelewijn

    Oh god I’m in that long thread arguing with this asshole.

    • Iggybop

      I’m glad for what you wrote to him!

    • ubiquity99

      That photo in the Fstroppers thread was pretty dope. Got a link to spread the love?

      • Benjamin Koelewijn
        • S0lidSnake

          Your work is awesome. Do you have an Instagram?

        • Fergarama

          Oh god that’s your photo? Amazing! I actually took the time to Google your name and find the photo after reading through the comments. I loved you in that comment thread and your work is one gazillion times better than this guy’s. You could stand to teach him a thing or two about true innovation, creativity and art.

        • SkippyFlipjack

          That’s a great image. Creative and interesting.

    • George Harris

      Thank you for communicating those sentiments when you didn’t have weight of widespread public outrage behind you.

  • Gary Pageau

    Never heard of him.

  • EnglebertFlaptyback

    Might wanna edit to obscure the email addresses, especially of dissatisfied customers.

  • Honey Badger

    According to Jake there is no such thing as bad publicity, but I can’t help but notice that since the magnifying glass of internet scrutiny was focused on him and his deplorable antics a few days ago, all three workshops he has been bragging about coming up in the next few months, have been quietly and hastily cancelled. His only North American workshop in Calgary? No longer happening. Two day workshop in Sweden? Called off and refunds offered to anyone who is now dodging that BS bullet. And the Workshop in Brazil he just announced was like being paid to go on vacation? Cancelled.

    Now I will be the first to admit I am obviously not as “brilliant’ as Jake is at self-promotion, but isn’t that the textbook definition of bad publicity? I wonder how much of his “$2 million in Corporate Commitments” he said he has lined up for this coming year, just went bye-bye because he is too dumb to know when to keep his mouth shut?

    He may have gotten a bunch more followers on social media over the last few days, but how much money is he gonna make off the “let’s pop popcorn and watch this spectacular train wreck unfold” crowd? If there is one ounce of justice in this world, it won’t be even one single dollar.

    • Interesting, where’d you get all that info? Not doubting you, just curious. 🙂

      • Honey Badger

        Here is a link to the Sweden Workshop site on Facebook announcing it has been cancelled.


        I didn’t save links from the other two sites, but I will make note that all evidence of the workshops have been scrubbed from his personal and business FB sites in the last 24 hours and even if I hadn’t seen other mention that they were cancelled as well, that alone would lead me to believe they are no longer scheduled. 🙂

        If I can scare up the other links, I will share them, but I have to admit I have spent way too much time poring over this mess already.

      • Honey Badger

        Here is a link announcing the April workshop in Calgary is cancelled now. https://www.facebook.com/StudioSpaceYYC/

        There is no specific announcement for the Brazil workshop. They just deleted all mention of Jake Olson from their FB and website–shhhhhhhhhhh–like it never even happened. https://www.facebook.com/contatofineartbrasil/timeline

        • THanks! And their Oslo one was cancelled on his workshop website with some woman Gabrielle mentioning it was directly related to what’s happened on the internet. She also says she doesn’t want anything to do with it/him (can’t remember the exact wording and can’t access FB here to check).
          🙂 So Jake, how cocky are you NOW?

          • Jim Johnson

            I saw that, too. I’m thinking his social media/studio manager just quit. She also offered a free workshop hosted by her to anyone that was swindled out of their money by Jake Olson.

    • minuett

      The ‘bunch more followers on social media’ are obviously rubberneckers like myself who are having a hard time looking away from the mean man’s self-destruction. His Wiki bio talks about alcoholism and rehab, and I can’t help but wonder if the rehab failed.

  • Waiting for his tutorials to go on discount in 5…..4……3…..2…..
    Also curious how many of his big clients know about this?

  • Also, I’d like to trade mark this as “The Kanye West Method of Marketing”… which = being batshit crazy and doing your best to help people hate you…

  • Never heard of him until today. I will admit I have seen the header photo before, but that doesn’t mean anything these days.

    This dude is a dick.

  • I know Jake from 500px. I come across his work in the most popular section. Then I started wondering why. Why are his images so liked? And I realized it’s because people like the formula more than the actual photography. He’s not really a great or creative photographer, he just follows a formula. It goes like this: Take a picture of a beautiful or interesting looking person, on a dirt road in Nebraska, around sunset, with the sun behind the person, and then over-process the shit out of it.

    My guess is that he took a photo using that formula very early on and it got a crap ton of likes. And because he’s the narcissist of all narcissists, he decided that he’d simply recreate that look for 98% of the pictures he takes. The question is, at what point does your portfolio become boring as shit? We can retire the phrase, “jumped the shark.” If you’re a photographer who has nothing left to offer, you’ve “Jake Olson’d.”

    • Yes! That’s exactly what I thought while looking at his images yesterday.

    • totally agreed.

    • In a lot of those photos, the sun placement is fake. He’s trying to make some photos appear backlit, but there isn’t any rim light on his subjects.

    • ThatPhotoManTrav

      It’s conservative, it’s safe, and simple. It holds on to what America is about still, which is family values, the white picket fence and the American dream. It’s striking the right points for the general conservative family, and the demographic of Nebraska. It’s not stupid, it’s smart marketing. You have to realize his audience; Young stay at home mothers, hard working fathers, country women and men…They wouldn’t know a SINGLE thing about photography or be able to distinguish between high art and commercialized garbage. Not to say they aren’t smart either, just it’s not of an interest to them to seek out taste as much as us photographers.

      He made be an asshole, but he is for certain in touch with his market.

      It is not shock he is a bigot, a homophobe given the region of the USA he is in, but his ego is without a shadow of a doubt staggering. He sounds very entitled, and that he has much deeper issues than just his ego. He has a complex that shows real weakness mentally.

      • Tracy Barbour

        Being from that region doesn’t make you a homophobe. I am from Nebraska and know exactly where Jake is from. I have been there a million times. I even know his locations. I am not a homophobe. I live in Texas now, a highly conservative state, I am still not a homophobe. Jake is who he is by choice not because of where he’s from, let’s try to leave that out of it and concentrate on him being responsible for his own actions and beliefs, not the region or state he lives in.

        • ThatPhotoManTrav

          I did NOT say living their MAKES you Homophobic. Let’s not put words in my mouth and twist this the wrong way to suit your argument.

          • Tracy Barbour

            “It is not a shock he is a bigot, a homophobe given the region of the USA he is in…” Your words, not mine. Or maybe that’s not what you meant, but you sure implied it.

            I won’t even go into your assumptions in the previous paragraph about what makes up “the general demographic of Nebraska.”

          • ThatPhotoManTrav

            Or you could just not take it personal, because it’s really not about you at all.

            You could also assume that from my own personal experience in places of Texas and areas such as Nebraska where I have personally visited, I have run into far less liberal families there, and derogatory words are used in this places more so than where I am from, instead of ignoring my experience to substitute it with your own because you are from there.

            It’s ok, I’m not attacking you and your entire existence, really, it’s ok.

          • Tracy Barbour

            Say what you mean and mean what you say. If you honestly think anything you say bothers me personally than you think awfully highly of yourself.

            You are rude and condescending.

          • ThatPhotoManTrav

            But yet, you felt compelled on a comment section of 425 comments long, singled mine out to let me know that you feel I’m being insensitive for my general observations and experiences from the region. You are also missing one big fact here:


            This attack of people online for not agreeing with someone is ridiculous. People are allowed to be wrong and fail. Should I ask for your permission to do so next time?

            I’ll say it again, this is not a personal attack on you, and if it didn’t offend you, just walk away and let it go like most non-offended people do.

            I hold no ill will towards you, and see no need to throw slurs at you either. I’m sure you are an awesome person, and if your MO is to throw a base of judgment of me from one post online….meh, I’ll live.

          • Username75

            Interesting, because I live in a smaller town in Nebraska and I’ve lived in this state from a lonnnnng time. Way before you were updating your silly ass blog. Where did you visit in Nebraska again? You’ve never stepped foot in my state.

    • Fergarama

      I call these photographers ‘action photographers’, not because they shoot action work, but because their work relies *heavily* on Photoshop actions. Actions that were usually purchased from much more well known photographers who actually were/are innovative, creative and unique. Most photoshop action photographers don’t have unique creativity or true artistic vision of their own, which is why they rely on the formula that others have created for them. It’s a sad state of the industry when most of the so-called ‘art’ created is nothing new, nothing original, nothing unique, inspiring or innovative. True fame comes from creating unique and special art, and doing it with humility and grace.

  • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmid

    Oh, man. I’ve been banned from his FB page after saying his talent for self-promotion was great, but his snapshots were about the level of a community college photography class.

    • thefancy

      I got blocked too. Solidarity.

    • JRWorthy

      Hey, you name is my name too. Well not technically but, you know.

      • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmid

        * rimshot *

    • Laurap

      He has blocked comments on his facebook page

    • Jeffrey Eatley

      Start a banned from his page club? I want to join

  • Jennifer Marie

    Thank you for writing this. I have had this guy in my feed for years and always wondered, if he is so good why does he keep dropping that price down so low??? I have never purchased, and was actually tempted this last go around when it was $3. but after reading this article. I will never make that purchase. I will keep my money thank you. He is a douche to say the least.

    • Monika

      Jennifer i actually purchased his online workshop month ago. It was 4$ so I was curious. The material is terrible. He shows some easy tricks how put fake sky in the image and some basic editing and coloring. The videos have very bad sound. Sometimes hardly understand and the whole package looks like it was made by amateur not “best photographer in the world” as he calls himself. I am glad I didn’t purchase it when was 200$ because it is not worth even those 4$ I paid. This editing you can see easly on many videos on youtube. I am from Europe so I really thought he is famous in the USA compare number of his followers. So I was shocked how bad his selling product is. This article actually explain it. He is just big marketing bubble with unprofessional behaving. He has some skills but he is not that good.

  • Shannan Powell

    His Sweden Workshop has been cancelled https://www.facebook.com/jakeolsonworkshop/

  • unclejethro

    It’s pretty obvious how this guy got so many likes on social media – He bought them. He paid to have his wiki page created, paid a known marketing company to write the Forbes and Huffington Post articles, so it’s not that much of a stretch. Unfortunately, there have been quite a few photographers doing this lately, Seph Lawless (Joe Melendez) is one, and Jake Olson is another.

  • thefancy

    I’d just like to add that he also admitted to writing his own positive reviews and paying a “guy in India” to write his wiki.

    • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmid

      Where/when did he admit to that?


      • thefancy

        He deleted it shortly after, which I figured would happen. That’s actually my comment under his in the thread.

        • ubiquity99

          Oh hey, you must be Daci. I was in that thread. 😀

          • thefancy

            Hallo! Yes it is me!

      • thefancy

        Ok jk I cut it off when I cropped it. When he references “Darcie” he’s talking to me. Which says a lot about his reading comprehension.

      • ubiquity99

        I’m pretty sure I was the Justin he was responding to. He definitely admitted to the “guy in India” thing when I called him out on his Wikipedia entry being self-written. Then he deleted everything and blocked me.

  • So is he the “Kanye West” of photographers? At what point will this guy be broke and need a GoFundMe account so we can bail him out…….In all seriousness though….super disappointing. Just saw in the article that one of those e-mails was only a few weeks ago :(. I seriously enjoyed this guys work….but then again when you treat people like that it’s painful to see. The suicide comment was the last straw for me.

    In all seriousness though. Nobody who comments like he does is happy. He may have more money than I’ll ever see…but in many ways wealth or riches shouldn’t be only defined by $$$…. I feel extremely rich…because I have so many amazing blessings in my life.

  • Rav Holly

    Who’s Jake Olson?

    • Never heard of her….

      • Marc W.

        The unknown Olson triplet from Full House.

    • arachnophilia

      i mean, i guess i’ve heard of him NOW.

  • Jenn Norris

    I am Jenn from the email thread and this sums him up perfectly! Thank you for sharing!

    • Jeremy Moss

      Must have been a privilege to have a session with such a famous photographer with a Wikipedia page! Such a shame you had that experience, but thank you for helping to bring this to light. This guy is utterly stupifying, I can’t imagine his world famous status and clientele will endure.

    • Fergarama

      Jenn you made a big mistake by viewing his photography as a service and not an opportunity! Oh the visibility he brought you on 500px- the ‘number one viewing website in the world’ (huh?), you must have gotten some amazing opportunities from being featured on that website!! LOL. I just have one question for you: how many times did you smack your head when reading his replies to you?

    • Joyce Hudson

      Saw the news tonight. Good for you for calling him out!!! He’s a real piece isn’t he?

    • SnorkJuice

      I saw this on the news, and all I can say is, I hope his business suffers after all of his antics and continued lack of professionalism. I wish you and your family have better luck with portraits in the future, but I’m sure that won’t be difficult to accomplish!

  • Photo Stealers

    God help the person whomever steals from him.

    • Ferrerfoto


    • MPR1776

      OMG, Corey, I can’t even imagine why anyone would want to do that!

  • enderandrew

    He repeatedly claims that HuffPo and Forbes called him one of the best photographers in the world. No, a single blogger said that on blogging platforms on both sites. That blogger is a paid marketing guy. Jake Olson payed Raynforest to promote him with fake blog posts.

    He literally paid for fake validation that he constantly holds up. The problem is that it is easily exposed as a lie.

    His work is mostly in photoshop and all of his pictures look the same. His pictures are all over-saturated. He isn’t a photographer, let alone one of the best in the world.

    I feel sorry for him.

    • I don’t agree with you on certain points. He’s definitely skilled at this craft, saying anything else only comes off as emotional reaction. I’ve looked through his gallery on his website and he definitely is skilled enough to make a living from this. His personality and his photos are separate things. Obviously.

      • enderandrew

        How is he skilled at his craft as a photographer? He effectively takes the same picture constantly and then applies the same Photoshop and Lightroom presets to it over and over again.

        • Good composition, good understanding of the technicalities of the medium, and as for variety, I see a kid playing with ducks in a park, an old man by a road, a landscape shot with a sunset, a young girl playing in the fields in a sunset, a landscape scenery with grazing buffalo, a railroad going through a foggy forest, an old abandoned church in the middle of a wintery field, an infrared shot with a tree by a lake with the reflection… etc. etc. – you seem to be completely lost at the fact that his shots are great, and they show that he definitely is apt at this. If I have any criticism it is that he tends to oversaturate the images and seems to have a fondness of roads, but all photographers have their darlings… such as golden hour photography. I think people are completely correct in calling him out on his horrible personality, but his photography is certainly on a professional level.

          • Tony_Tony

            You know if he saw your criticism he would call you a no talent hack, right? I think the point in all of this is that he may have had a few good snaps…but that ultimately means nothing if you’re not willing to grow/improve. And frankly if given the choice, I’d rather pay a homeless guy with no experience to take photos for me than empower this man’s ‘ego’ any further.

          • I agree with you. And regardless of “what he would call me”, he still is a decent photographer. Being able to separate his behaviour and his photography is what I was referring to. The fact that this individual is arrogant and is most likely eliminating any and all opportunity to get work in the future does not change that fact. The reason why some try to spin it as such is because they become emotional, and then attack his work, which essentially is not behaving any better than what he is doing. So, his work is good. His social skills deplorable. And btw what does anyone being homeless have to do with anything?

            Here’s the thing, people like him thrive on people getting upset and behaving irrationally. This is exactly what he wants, to cause a ruckus and get attention. Everyone right now is playing into his trolling game, getting riled up and making himself a known name in the world of photography. He even says so in one of his posts that he WANTS bad press. Personally I think it best to ignore people like him. He wants to push peoples buttons, the best way to make him stop is not to do what he wants.

          • Tony_Tony

            I agree. I think he’s wrong though, in this day and age infamy isn’t necessarily as fruitful as he claims. I think he will find that out.

            The mention of the homeless guy may not have been a clear way to convey the message I wished to convey. Essentially I’m saying regardless of one’s skill…nobody like that would ever be under my employ. I’d rather pay someone with no training or equipment, than a guy with that character. That is pretty much what I intended.

            Be well.

          • MPR1776

            I went on 500px, I counted 50 shots before I gave up with the same road, same radial blur treatment and lots using the exact same sky in the background , only thing different are the people in the image. And as for determining whether or not someone is a skilled photographer without seeing any of the original images, the lack of information does not give one enough information to make a determination as to skill.

          • Username75

            He sucks, and anyone with an iq higher than 3 knows all his shit looks the same. It’s like nickelback……the more recycled garbage they produce the more fans they attract.

    • Geof Kirby

      I’m sure this turd thinks he is the most famous photographer in the world – his world, which is comprised of 2 square feet of Nebraska. Methinks he is a borderline sociopath .

  • lara

    Did you guys see this rant from FB? https://goo.gl/photos/RYJjazX3pds3tirg7

  • lara

    Did you guys see this rant of his on FB?? http://i66.tinypic.com/28rmq0h.png

    • aww. too bad I commented on his page so he could ban me. Now I can’t see fun stuff like this :p

    • SkippyFlipjack

      That has to be a photoshop job, right? It conveys his attitude perfectly but I can’t believe he would have thrown it out there like that.

  • lara
    • CK

      There is one where he says he makes money by manipulating woman. There was a photo of a woman that was in first place and his was in 3rd so he called her a “whore”. I have email dialogue with him that was so arrogant it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If you see his photographs before he processes them they are not great. It is the process that draw people in. I hope he loses ALL and ANY endorsements he has. And any person that hooks up behind him for sales might take a second thought as it will not be good for their business either. Also take a look at anything posted regarding him and you will not find negative comments because HE DELETES THEM!!! Quote from a screenshot from an order from someone, “I’ve become so popular by being able to manipulate woman SPECIFICALLY.” “What makes me the happiest on top of all that is you’re ugly as ‘F’!” Deplorable and despicable person in my opinion!!!

      • It’s weird that people are surprised that he manipulates women…what I find surprising is only that he admits to manipulating them…because the vast majority of workshopper rockstar photographers market to women with all sorts of garbage and make a killing at it. These people say all the right things to get insecure new female photographers hooked on their workshops and business advice, and just like Mr. Olson here, they don’t make their money running a studio doing photography…they make it on selling workshops to the next person who doesn’t know any better! It’s a cancer to the industry that I’m sure wrecks many potentially talented and committed new photographers at the beginning, and contributes to lowering already low perceptions of the industry.

    • Bill

      Sounds like he is gearing up for a social media live suicide. All the signs are there.

  • Phoxy_Photog

    I think there is a severe mental breakdown happening here. No decent human talks or thinks that way.

    • Photo Stealers

      I miss being this innocent.

      • Mike Olbinski


    • ubiquity99

      Worthless, angry alcoholics like him do, when they’re given a taste of success and money and suddenly think they’re hot shit.

  • How famous could he be if he has to direct people to his wiki page as proof? I’ve never heard of him until this article.

  • M-Cat_Tov

    @ZSuttonPhoto:disqus – Thanks for putting this together, guys. I was over the ego in the industry several years ago and just tried to stay focused on my own art. I didn’t even know who this guy was until a girlfriend shared that little FB meltdown. I couldn’t help think about all the amazing people out there that never reached their potential because they were so beat down by the narcissistic asshats that tear them down early on. I’m all for critiques, but there are those in this industry that use words for the pure joy of hurting others. Thanks for taking a stand against douchbaggery.

    • Maybe that’s the issue at hand… he’s fearful of talent and knows it’s out there, always lurking and always waiting to produce far superior results. All of his rantings seem to be just that… compensation… Moreover, it’s hard to find beauty in artwork when you know the legs that carry it. Maybe some of his work has been so praised as he has merely used it as a median to express his pain, through that pain we see beauty as we can all relate. It would be far more intriguing if there was more humility behind it’s walls… but the veil he carries is humanity at it’s core… arrogant, fearful, gritty, and out-of-class.

  • Joel Robison

    Disappointing to see such anger and rudeness behind beautiful work. Photography is about light, be a good bright one.

  • FreedomWitnesser

    His work is literally a 3rd year lighting assignment in a photo based BFA program.

  • Kathleen

    Seriously so ashamed to have been the subject of some of his photos. What a dick.

    • wat

      what were your experiences with him like?

  • Alex Aguirre

    He is not nearly one Lachapelle not a Helmut Newton, neither an Annie Leibobitz, he is a simple merchant of cheesy images a totally Jerk, Jerk Olson, the Donald Trump of photography. Humility is greatness, it is to have soul, poor guy, has a big hole in his heart (and in his brain).

    • Geof Kirby

      Donald Trump of Photography – great. Two birds with one stone.

    • Politics_Nerd

      I was waiting for someone to make the DT connection… Well played.

  • Meg Beachler

    This is one of those situations that you just can’t grasp why someone with such an opportunity to do good, to share their God given talent… decides instead to be mean, hurtful and down right evil. The only thing I can come up with is that Jake has sold his sole to the devil to be a “famous” photographer… sadly he is famous… but for all the wrong things :/

  • David Anthony Hall

    Interesting article including comments, but sad thing is I bet he’s loving all the attention. I believe the best thing to do is everyone block/ignore him. Starve him of the attention he craves!

  • Lisa Della Bella

    If I had know that this was the kind of person he was, I never, ever would have purchased his webinar. What a piece of work he is. Totally delusional and a horrible excuse for a human being.

  • Daniel Lopez-Paullada

    Wow is this guy serious? Things will come around full circle for him I am sure. No need to give him more notoriety by wasting our time talking about him. He’s pretty much lost the respect of every decent hard working person within the photographic community. All the hate and negative attention seems to be exactly what gets him off. Enjoy it while it lasts Jakey Boy 😉

  • Sylvie Michelle

    I once heard a quote saying something like this, the tree with the most fruits is the one who keeps it’s head down. A real famous person doesn’t need to brag about it, and mostly…It’s hard to believe an Artist ( should we even call him that? ) can be this much self obsessed and could say such horrible things to people. I used to like his photos and was inspired by his rehab story, but now this! I’m feeling for those who had to bear his harsh words.

  • Freak #1

    His photos are gross. The colors are pushed too far and they’re sickeningly precious. The fact that he’s such a disgusting tool is just one more reason to dislike them. If photography were music, he’d be 98 Degrees.

    • Politics_Nerd

      I like the nickelback analogy above…

  • Ashraful Arefin

    You can’t paint with light if you have this much darkness within you…seriously upsetting and disturbing to see such negativity in a person.

  • maggie may

    There has to be something wrong with him….narcissism or alcoholism? Or both? I do not care if he was the Michelangelo of photography…you cannot talk to people like that for too long before it catches up to you. Totally lost all respect!! My photography peers are in shock, sharing amongst one another in groups. This will not go away over night.

  • Jane Hax

    You missed the comment where he called someone a sand n**gro on facebook. This guy’s a hateful narcissistic chump. Must be real hard to shoot everything on a road and tone it orange. “There’s no halo, that’s how it came out of the camera.” RIIIIIIIIGHT

    • Politics_Nerd

      May that quote become a meme of infamy… Wait, it just did. 😉

  • Django G-S

    I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I was born here. I’ve lived within 100 miles of Omaha for 34 years. I manage video production for a Fortune 500 company here. I have a personal passion project with which I’ve made more than 130 music videos. All of my friends are photographers and videographers. That gravel road on which Jake Olson shoots his photos is about 15 minutes from my house. I never heard of Jake Olson until this week.

    • Keith Binder

      Hi Django!!!

      • Django G-S

        HI KEITH!!

    • Tony_Tony

      You’re more famous Django 😉

  • Lani Holmes

    Its not even the bullying that gets me, its the arrogance and the
    feeling of entitlement to do or say whatever they want and speak to
    others anyway that they want because their a popular photographer. I’ve
    seen this snarky behavior from alot of photogs trying to boost their
    pages and make money from being nasty and Im so sick of it. Someday,
    someone will call them all out on their BS and their poor marketing
    strategies and I only pray their “fans” get a clue on the type of people
    their REALLY supporting and throwing their money at.

  • Honey Badger

    And his biography gets pulled! http://i.imgur.com/Foj8yay.jpg

    I am getting worried that once his Wiki page also gets deleted, newcomers will not be able to properly ascertain how “important and successful” he is!

    • ubiquity99

      Just need to work on that Forbes/Huffpost blogspam now.

    • Laurap


  • Keith Binder

    This epic douchebag lives about 20 minutes from me in Blair, NE just outside of my city, Omaha, NE. Almost no one in the photo scene here in Omaha had heard of him until today. BUT several local people have come forward saying that he refuses to edit senior and family photos and when he does he doesn’t produce the “quality” he is “known for.” I have sent word to offer free shoots for those that have been mistreated by this worthless dude.

  • Joyce Hudson

    I promoted his page and his work for sometime. I complimented his photos. I am not a photographer. Everything was fine until he said some pretty crude things about Robin Williams when he committed suicide. I dared to disagree with some of those things. He told me to shove my religion up my @#$ and to go kill myself among other things. I have first hand knowledge of how much of a dirt bag he is.

  • Fiona

    – Anyone can submit a guest post or an opinion article to Forbes.
    – Anyone can make a top Ten article to be posted on Top Teny and then act surprised when its published like Oh my Gosh I got top 10 best photographer in the world.
    – Anyone can make a Wikipedia
    – Anyone can guest blog for Huttington Post
    – Not everyone can get something published, however, he sold himself as so dang important his get accepted.
    – He is not a marketing guru, he is a quick study who has copied someone else’s marketing tactics.

  • His work is so derivative, Olson sets the standard for mediocrity.

  • Erik Stabl

    Not only is the guy an asshole but he is either stupid or a liar. The MSRP on a 2016 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S is $114,595. I don’t think he’s stupid. So that means he has to lie about how much he spends on a car. I also think he’s lying about how much money he says he makes. Everyone needs to get the word out and boycott this poor excuse for a human being.

    • Fergarama

      I genuinely think he has narcissistic personality disorder. Pathological lying often goes hand-in-hand with NPD. My ex had this disorder and he reminds me so much of him. I don’t think much of anything he said is true. He is not rich. (He said in an interview less than two years ago “I’m not rich. I drive a $700 car”), he does not have 2mil in bookings or anywhere even close to that, he is not successful, he is certainly not famous. 95% of what he says are lies. I would feel sorry for him if he hadn’t played the ‘go commit suicide’ card. That’s where I draw the line with my empathy.

  • Debbie Smith Bauthues

    He will find a way to insult everyone somehow, even when unprovoked. How in the heck would he find MY facebook page two years ago when I really wasn’t that great but still learning and trying new ideas (like muddy water photos)?? It was because of another photographer that he is buddies with. I’ve just learned to roll it off like nothing though. At the time I was seriously interested in his tutorials too.

  • Daniel Lowe

    this is why I vomit a little bit every time I see “AWARD WINNING PHOTOGRAPHER” or some other nonsense on a profile.

    I’m old, so I remember when people make Art, just to make Art? Before we had to share it with the entire world, justify spending $$$$’s on gear (to “keep up”), and then have anxiety about “is it good enough?”

    I’ll say it: I miss Flickr. Yeah, 500px is the thing now, but it’s a goddamn big-dick contest. Yeah, I said it. It’s not a contest, it’s Art.

    It seems like Facebook and 500px attract these kind of vermin, I rarely see them on Twitter or Flickr.

    • Fergarama

      “this is why I vomit a little bit every time I see “AWARD WINNING PHOTOGRAPHER” or some other nonsense on a profile.”

      Oh god me too! “Award winning, internationally acclaimed, published by many magazines, books and agencies around the entire universe”. Ugh. Every time I see that it’s a huge red flag for ‘insecure and really not that good’. Confident, talented people don’t need to write that shit about themselves. Their work speaks for itself.

  • Jeremy Moss

    He thinks he’s “famous”, which is hilarious. Annie Leibovitz is famous. He’s just a mouth-breather with some talent, a huge ego, and even more insecurity. If he weren’t such an incredible douche-nozzle, I would actually feel bad for him, because it’s obvious he has some deep problems that go beyond normal behavior.

    • maggie may

      Agreed….my natural instinct is to feel bad for him as I think there are some deep seeded issues, but it is kind of hard to have sympathy when he is this obnoxious with no regard for other’s feelings.

  • I don’t think of myself as a negative person, generally try to turn the other cheek, wouldn’t wish bad on anyone, etc. But when I started to read some of the things this guy was saying it really made me angry and sad for our profession. To think he’s gotten away with victimizing people for so long really just feels horrible.

    Thank you so much for bringing this article forward and chronicling some of this nonsense. I really do hope this goes completely viral so that more people can make informed decisions about using his services.

  • Karen Padilla

    I just joined 500px. If they allow him to be on there, I’m cancelling my membership. The Donald Trump/Kanye West of photography. Disgusting. Glad I haven’t uploaded anything yet.

  • KD

    https://www.facebook.com/Ashley.Rasmussen.25 I wonder how is RN wife feels about him telling people to off them selves

    • Jordan

      I don’t think there’s any good reason to bring his fiancee into it. She may be a bad seed herself, as others have claimed. But she’s not broadcasting herself, and the sin in question isn’t hers.

      • Joyce Hudson

        She is more than likely a victim of his abuse also.

        • Jordan

          See, and even there, there’s no need to make crap up because you’re angry. That’s a much more serious charge than “he likes making people angry online.” Jake has said plenty of stuff to his 5,000 “friends” that easily condemns him on its own. Dial it down, people.

          I hate this mentality that, if someone says certain words (terrible words, yes. But still words), they deserve any bad thing that could possibly happen to them. Comment on all of their Instagram pictures telling everyone to stop liking them! Accuse them of spousal abuse! Contact their bosses! Call the IRS and Child Services and have everything taken away! Seriously, that’s not how adults react. It’s how Tumblr reacts. Sometimes, you just need to let someone destroy themselves – which Jake is most certainly going to do anyway. I’m afraid some of the commenters on this issue are just as bad as Jake.

          I’ve had my fill of venting about this guy, so I think I’m gonna bow out now.

  • Shae Gines

    I am completely and utterly embarrassed I admired anything from this nasty, unkind, horrible person.

  • Alan Fullmer

    Jake is a one-trick-pony. How many photos have that same road… It’s sad actually. What goes around comes around.

  • LOL… look at his 500px page I guess there is ONLY ONE ROAD in his area =))

    • Not defending his dickery, but if he could manage to make 1mil off of one road, his marketing and PR skills should be lauded, not mocked.
      Still, it’ll be fun to watch him fall from being such an unrepentant dick. 🙂

  • Eric Rolleiflex

    I never heard of this guy before seeing this article actually and had to go take a look at his website. Pretty much a let down – at least the stuff I saw was really very cliche, formulaic.

  • Owain Shaw

    I can only hope this guy becomes at least as famous as he thinks he is, but famous for being an utterly contemptible being. Sounds like this might be on the way to happening.

    Also, file me under those who had never heard of Jake Olsen before this article. I’m not sure it’s added much to my life other than a new frame of reference for “loathsome individual”.

  • Gail

    I think we can all agree his behavior and comments are wildly egregious and really just a bunch of nonsense. The one thing that I did notice that suprised me was that Jessica Drossin (if that was, in fact, the same Jessica Drossin I follow) seemed to be laughing along with him as he was baiting other photographers while asking for critiques. I really enjoy her posts and work but in this case it seemed like she was a star struck cheerleader comprising her decency to win the favor (or avoid the scorn) of Olsen.

    • Jordan

      The weird thing is Jessica is far more accomplished than Jake, and I believe she actually mentored him. I have a feeling (or, at least I hope, as I too am an admirer of hers) that she’s simply the kind of person who hates to make her friends feel bad, so she laughs at their inappropriateness to avoid addressing it. Not a great character trait either, but not quite as egregious a sin as full-on supporting Jake’s vitriol.

      • CK

        If she is smart she will back away backwards slowly but deliberately.

  • Christian Green

    He can choose his client base
    He is filtering for dipshits.
    I agree with him.

    If you think it doesn’t work this way..
    Google John Willis

  • ChubbyBubba

    In his wiki he says he’s recovering from 25 years of alcoholism. His behavior is exactly that of a dry drunk. He may not be drinking, but he’s not in recovery.

    • KD

      Perfect example of a DRY DRUNK doesn’t have any recovery I want Instead of picking up a camera of recovery he should have picked up a big book a sponsor and some meetings and worked the steps. I am so glad I am not the only one saying DRY DRUNK you nailed it sir I posted it yesterday on his wall of course he deleted it

    • sharky

      well i guess he starts drinking again….

  • Matty1245

    The guys an arse of the highest order. Glad his finally getting called up on it.

  • sthompson01

    Doesn’t matter how much money or fame he makes because he is destroying himself on the inside.

  • Daniel Hager

    awesome. there is a pendant in the retouching world. he’s not alone but obviously very weak personallity

  • Mel A

    Never heard of him until today. He clearly has a personality disorder. Sadly, his reputation will get around and will destroy his business. I’ve seen it happen before.

    • sharky

      a psychopath…. clearly.

      • Mel A

        His rants remind me of Charlie Sheen’s.

        • sharky

          Olson dropped out of Colorado Institute of Art in 2005 and started working in Denver selling high-end jewelry. In 2008, after the financial crisis, he lost his job. He moved back to Nebraska searching for a job, however he was unsuccessful.[3] In early 2011, he checked himself into a rehabilitation center in O’Neill after battling alcohol addiction for 25 years.[4]

          • Mel A

            I saw that too. Maybe Bipolar Disorder with a history of alcohol abuse and a personality disorder as well. I feel sorry for his fiance who has children with him. I cannot imagine the verbal and emotional abuse she likely has to endure and those kids have to witness. A bad situation all the way around. If he treats people that he doesn’t know that poorly, there is no telling how awful he is to those closest to him.

          • Vertex

            or scum in short….

  • John Densky


  • Generic UsernameLol

    I have some more links that I dug up a couple of days ago. Great article by the way. This guy’s head is so big I’m surprised his neck doesn’t collapse.

    In this one he talks about how good he is at manipulating women (lol)

    In this one he literally calls someone a “sand negro” and tells them to strap on a suicide vest:

    This guy must’ve been bullied to all hell as a kid or something. I’ve never seen someone who is so apparently insecure that they need to tell others how famous they are.

  • Courtney Henderson

    Damn you guys have a lot of time on you hands.. I don’t have time to research another person life.. I think his work is amazing… Also, it seems like he’s just a shit talker.. You talk shit to him, he will respond ..lol

  • CheshireSlim

    Weekly planner for Jake Olson Studios

  • sharky

    he told someone to think about suicide….
    will the police in the USA follow up on something like that?
    he is a disgusting person.. he will end in hell.

    i feel dirty reading it.. as if a paedophile touched me.

  • Kicker2

    Did he do this for years, or just now start this up? If he was always like this, how did he hide it until recently?

    • Jordan

      He’s been like this for a long time. A lot of people just stay quiet (myself included) because Jake has a history of hunting people down for their online comments against him, however mild their criticism. It’s odd that he’s just now getting flack for this, as he’s said much worse stuff in the past (calling a middle eastern fan a “sand negro” and telling him to strap a bomb to his chest, followed by a status that simply says “I HATE MUSLIMS,” deleted minutes later). He says whatever he knows will rile up the commenter du jour (“I hate muslims,” “I hate gays,” “People who believe in God are stupid,” etc.) and a few of his loyal fans (a mixture of family members, people who want free stuff, and people who just don’t want to get on his bad side) cheer him on. But now that everyone is piling on, people aren’t so afraid to call him out. It’s not like he can go after everyone at this point.

      • Username75

        That little punk hunts people down, like in person?! He’s the biggest punk coward ever.

  • sharky

    an addict.. what a suprise.
    Olson dropped out of Colorado Institute of Art in 2005 and started working in Denver selling high-end jewelry. In 2008, after the financial crisis, he lost his job. He moved back to Nebraska searching for a job, however he was unsuccessful.[3] In early 2011, he checked himself into a rehabilitation center in O’Neill after battling alcohol addiction for 25 years.[4]

  • Laurap

    I can attest first hand how he treats his clients, I asked for a refund after purchasing his video tutorial, he sells if from $129.99 – $2.99 depending on the day or hour. I unfortunately bought it for $79.99. It was a very poorly done tutorial that was recorded while he was doing a phone tutorial with a paying client – don’t know about you but if I was paying for a one on one I would not want my session then sold to the masses later. Wonder if he got permission. I only made it through the first hour of seven. Jake’s computer get crashing and he had to restart, he went to answer the door for fedex, there was background noise and he even stopped and made us wait while he made himself a sandwich. So when I saw him selling for $2.99 I was not happy. So, I emailed him requesting a partial refund, NOT total mind you. Here is his response:

    Studios Feb 22 (2 days ago)

    to me

    You’re not going to get it! A lot of people paid $129.99. People like you are
    all the same. They’re not mad about the money. They’re mad because they
    found out they don’t have the talent to pull it off. Don’t do business
    here again please. I’m not interested in it.

    Jake Olson

    Jake Olson Studios

    Blair, Nebraska

    My response:
    On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 4:04 PM, Laura
    You have no idea whether I have the talent or not, I have a very successful business thank you very much! You are extremely rude and unprofessional.

    Apparently you don’t have a very successful business if you have to practically give your stuff away after a few
    months after release. Don’t worry I wont be back.

    Studios Feb 22 (2 days ago)

    to me

    Well I had a pretty good 90 days. Not stellar but
    I can scrape by on 60k on a month.
    Jake Olson

    Jake Olson Studios

    Blair, Nebraska

    THEN he proceeds to show me his statement from all the money he is making from us. (see attached). What an ass, I hope he has the life he deserves. Or like the song, if he thinks he is so great maybe he “Should Go and LOVE himself”

    • Vertex

      someone should inform IRS to check on that guy.
      do you thnik he is reporting all that for TAX?

    • Anthony Vinco

      Chargeback time, or open a Paypal refund case, whatever the sitch.

      • Laurap

        Already contacted my bank and copied the email conversation for them to see.

    • Monika

      I wanted purchase his webinar before Christmas, as I was curious about his coloring and so. But i didn’t buy it in the end. When he dropped his prices again last month I purchased for 4$. That was weird he is lowering the prices like that. I was shocked how badly is done. There is not single bad review on his facebook page. It’s not worth even the 4$ I paid.

      • Laurap

        There are no bad reviews because he deletes them and then blocks the person. Its not worth a $1 yet he is making millions off unsuspecting people.

        • Jordan

          I believe business pages have the option of turning off reviews. I’ve seen a few photographers who, if you type in their facebook page address and add the bit at the end that should direct you to a “review” page, it says something like “this page doesn’t exist” or “this page isn’t enabled” (I have Freedom blocking FB right now, so can’t check). Generally not a good sign when any business disables public reviews.

          • LaurenF

            I posted a review and comments, they showed up and about 15 minutes later they were removed and I was blocked from commenting. If he does not like what you say, he deletes you and blocks you. Try it..I feel bad for all the people who think he is wonderful spending their hard earned money for the crap and then get abused by him if they speak up.

    • Prairiemaiden

      Omg, I think that was me in the one on one. I paid $500.00. I felt so ripped off after that. His lightroom and computer kept crashing and he promised more time, because it it sucked and he knew it. I can’t believe he did not delete it, it was so bad I could hardly understand him . When I saw he was selling them for $29.00 I knew people were still going to feel ripped off after $29.00.

  • Laurap
  • Laurap
  • Apul_MadeeqAoud

    Just because he has some skill doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some form of mental problem. Artists in general are prone to mental problems.

  • Sstiles417

    Can he not be reported to like the better business Bureau or something? I dont know how all that works but he needs to be shut down.

  • i8nastyman

    Well the Wikipedia page doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

  • AnonyWhom


  • Luke

    Why do so many comments associated with him (FB, 500px, etc.) begin, “He’s good, but …”

    He’s not really that good. He shoots people wide-open at sunset (etc.) adequately enough to meet the needs of a large pool of clients, and he’s fortunate to have representation that gets him consistent work. That’s it. The guy’s a douche and his agents need to (in their best interest) distance themselves from him quickly and find more professional photographers to back.

    • Art Hodges

      I’m not sure a couple stock houses really count as “representation.” He might call it that, but nobody else does and stock houses don’t generally get you work unless you are on a roster like Global Assignment by Getty, which he isn’t (by a long shot).

  • John Vistro

    This guy is an asshole. His wife is an ugly looking crack whore and his kids look retarded. I am SOOOO glad this guy is going down. Everyone needs to report his facebook page.

  • About his being notable for ‘famous’ – I thought this was the most telling part of his wikipedia deletion, from the discussion page: “Forbes and Huffington Post articles cited are written by the CEO of
    Raynforest, a Marketing company who compensate industry “influencers” to
    review and promote relevant products online”

    Upon a little further research, this does appear to be the case – the article written about him are by a marketing company he uses, so they are only advertorials.

  • Art Hodges

    Twitter account seems to be gone now too. It was getting hammered with negative comments: https://twitter.com/JAKEOLSONSTUDIO. Also, it seems he is apologizing for being attacked for something he’s poured his “heart and soul into”: https://www.facebook.com/JakeOlsonStudio?fref=ts

  • Michael

    His best advertising tool has been removed:


    • Politics_Nerd

      Schadenfreude ain’t just a river in Germany. 😉

  • Hehehehe LIKE if you know what I mean

  • Joseph D. Ahmad

    You would never hear a true talent like Erik Almas behave like this – truly talented people don’t need to offensively serve as their own advocacy

  • tracerm

    Someone forwarded this article to me earlier. All I have to say is – why did it take this long for people to figure this asshole out? I’m from Omaha and I know people who know Jake and his gf, and its generally known among their circle of “friends” what a jerk he is. A friend told me he habitually refers to Chinese food as “ch**k food”, makes fun of his clients, went absolutely Nuclear on a lady I know who inquired about why her daughter’s pics were late, and generally acts like a pompous ass to everyone. People here in Nebraska value character and the vast majority are not in anyway like Jake and ashley. But its also known that where they live in the rural communities north of omaha are pretty racist and backwards too. About time he got busted!

  • This guy sucks at life!

  • Celine (peaceetc)

    In case it hasn’t been mentioned here, is Wikipedia page was deleted for not being about a notable person and for being self promotion. There’s an interesting discussion about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Jake_Olson_(photographer)

  • Fergarama

    Someone really needs to Richard Prince this guy and take his Photoshop formula, package it and sell it for half the price he is. Market it as being ‘The Jake Olson look’. Hell I just might do it.

    • From what I can tell he is using someone else’s presets anyways. So his “look” is not actually his. https://jessicadrossin.com/jd-one-click-portrait-perfection/

      • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmid

        Ah, good catch!

      • Jordan

        He uses one of Jessica’s detail brushes, but that’s it. The coloring is Nik Color Efex Pro. His photos look like Jessica’s because I believe he’s learned a lot of stuff from her (they’re good friends, despite her being what seems to be a sweet sensible person – though I’m not FB friends with her, so for all I know she’s a lot like Jake and just keeps her posts private).

  • Honey Badger



    I’ll just park this here in case anyone has questions they’d like these folks to ask Fake Jake. Everybody gonna tune in to hear what pearls of wisdom he has to share with all of us peons? Yeah, me neither!

    • Laurap

      they disabled comments on his pod cast

      • CK

        Of course they did.

    • CK

      Wonder how much he paid for that?

  • J Cc

    This guy is a shit stain. His photos are over processed crap. I highly doubt the asshole is as rich as he claims. He is just all smoke and mirrors. Just a fucking sociopathic maggot, who takes pics with blurry backgrounds. Wow! How special. Just another fucking hack that tries to be special.

  • I remember him from his tutorial on 500px, but it seems it’s been taken down https://iso.500px.com/aging-storm-outdoor-portrait-tutorial/ (probably yesterday, since it seems that google’s cache from Feb 23rd still has the tutorial live)

  • Paul Schrank

    I don’t know what’s worse. The asshole or the witch hunter(s).

    • Bo Dez

      people who tell people to “give suicide some thought” deserve all they get.

  • Bo Dez

    What a creep and his pictures are cliche’s that anyone with a fast lens and photoshop can snap. His time is finished (if it ever started)

  • CaligulaJones

    “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” – Ansel Adams

    “Fucking pansy, I can do that in five minutes, leaving the rest of the morning to roll in my pile of cash, then I can spend the rest of the day washing my cars” – Jake Olson

    • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmid

      Lulz. He doesn’t realize that he actually hasn’t made it until he’s paying the brown people he pisses on to wash them for him.

      • CaligulaJones

        I actually edited my original comment that alludes to this, but I wasn’t sure if people would get that I was being satirical. These days, the low-information commenter can derail any conversation with their uneducated hyperbole and self-righteous indignation.

  • OgaryO

    This guy must Donald Trump’s long lost illegitimate long lost brother. I couldn’t give a f*** about either one.

  • Lance Mollenhauer

    I was debating on checking out his Wikipedia page ( because i did not want to drive traffic towards a crappy person’s page) and was pleasantly surprised to see that it has been deleted. Wikipedia for the win!!!

  • This is what happens when an asshole gets a 200/2

  • StevenDavisPhoto

    Skill/accomplishment/etc never gives any reason to be a total d-bag. This is why I dislike Kanye, Trump, etc… Narcissism is annoying, as well as bigotry. I will do whatever I can to lower his reputation in the photography world. He’s a great photographer, but that doesn’t matter in the long run. Character does.

  • He just made a sponsor post on FB for his $4.99 tutorial for 7 days only. Guessing he’s going to milk it till he implodes.

  • Jordan

    Honestly, I’m astounded it’s taken this long for people to catch on to Jake’s antics. I was FB friends with him for a while because, despite what some on reddit have said, I actually found his attitude in his tutorial videos to be very refreshing at the time (“I want you to succeed,” “I want to teach you whatever it is you want to know,” “I don’t think there’s one right way to do this,” etc.). Of course, immediately after friending him, I realized he is VERY different on his private Facebook than in those videos: “I’m the best photographer within a thousand miles”; blatant racism; genital shots; and just in general trying to offend any group he can (it’s laughable to hear him say “I don’t approve of your sin” because Jake regularly makes fun of religious people. So take statements like that as less of any genuine stance by Jake, and more as him just trying to piss off whomever is standing in front of him at the moment). I’m not going to pretend that he’s a talentless hack just because I don’t like him. He’s very talented and still creates the occasional breathtaking (non-road) image. As long as the earth and people grow older each year, photography will always be largely a form of documentation, and it’s silly to denigrate more documentational photography for not being abstract enough, not challenging society enough, etc. But it’s nice to see his reign of terror coming to an end – even temporarily.

    • Beezow Doo-doo Zopittybop-bop-

      watch Don McCullin documentary, The Salt of the Earth Sebastião Salgado and War Photographer :James Nachtwey amazing People with pure soul .Jake Olson is a sick person

    • CK

      He really is not that great of a photographer when you see his raw files. He just know how to manipulate them in a style people are liking at the moment.

  • Zartek

    I lost it at the Wikipedia as Facebook header image. Hilarious!

  • Bo Dez

    He keeps deleting any comment that talks about this on his Facebook page. It won’t be long till the house of cards tumbles though.

    • CK

      ANd he is blocking those that can not support his damage control weak apology. With his personality you know he can not resist reading all this. Hey Jakey poo-poo!

  • jstbutler

    My experience with Jake Olson after I paid $49 for a Photoshop tutorial and had to email 3 times for the tutorial link. I posted the first one to Twitter then he wrote me on “How he manipulates women” email.

  • AFactChecker1

    I’m amazed by how many people here think this guy is a good photographer. His work is the most predictable, cliche, lowest denominator stuff. He’s a baby and school portrait photographer not an artist or top professional. Have the standards dropped that low?

    Maybe he’s big in Nebraska because he’s the only game in town, but in big city markets with professional clients who are experienced at hiring professional photographers he’d be laughed out of the room. Is it just that his clients are complete novices at hiring photographers and they buy into his hype and have no experience when it comes to judging a photographer’s ability based on their actual photography?

    • CaligulaJones

      I think that’s what he might be learning, despite his “expertise” in marketing (did you catch that quote where he admits he is a much better marketer than a photographer?).

      If you are hiring someone locally, you obviously are limited to a certain pool dependent on population. But he apparently makes most of his money hustling online material (tutorials) and selling his photos. And THAT market is wide open and competitive. You don’t have to live anywhere near a photographer to buy a photo for a book cover. But I would think that corporate clients are looking very carefully at being connected to this douche.

      “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” only goes so far. Just ask Pee Wee Herman…

      • AFactChecker1

        We’re not sure just how much he makes from image and tutorial sales. The fact that he still shoots school pictures does not strike me as his being someone doing as well as he claims.

        And in regards to his tutorials again he’s not dealing with a professional audience but one consisting mostly of novices. To be brutally honest there’s an awful lot of wannabe photographers out there who think all you need is an automated camera and some photoshop knowledge and you’re ready to start charging people for your rather limited knowledge. Those people are his market. Trust me when I say that the higher end of professional photographers do not look to become baby and high school yearbook photographers. Olson is in reality a Sears portrait studio photographer without Santa’s lap to put the kids on.

        As for his true talent it is clearly in marketing and self promotion. All of his noteworthiness seems derived by his actively promoting himself or paying others to and not based on his body of work being recognized as being great. And when it comes to stock photography the most predictable and trite stuff sells the most. They don’t want creativity they want vanilla and it’s a huge market and all one need be is reasonably competent and be willing to produce vast amounts of cliche images in order to make some money.

        As for his whole thing about having work published in magazines or on some book covers, while that sounds like a big deal to some people to professional photographers working in advertising or editorial photography it’s a daily occurrence.

        • CaligulaJones

          Agreed, 100%. When you google his name and National Geographic, the only thing I can find is a site where the public can post their pictures. Not exactly being “published” by NG.

          I’m still proud of my cover for the British Medical Journal as I was paid, but I admit to being bitten by the “its for the publicity” bug. I’m not as proud that a rather large landscape magazine accepted my photos, but only to critique them. I was happy for the professional criticism but its a stretch to say I was “published” by the mag. Still, in moments of weakness, I’ll admit to puffing up my resume and add the credit, but always with a link so anyone can see for themselves.

  • Joyce Hudson

    Our local (Omaha) news station did a story on him tonight. Here is the link to the written article. and what he gave was NO apology …http://www.wowt.com/home/headlines/Angry-Rant-To-Customers-Then-Photographer-Apologizes-370195471.html#.Vs_KeHYIJ70.facebook.

    • Honey Badger

      Here is the Youtube link to the news story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTaY9oZ0U7Q (Go to youtube.com and put in “uTaY9oZ0U7Q” if the direct link doesn’t work.)

      I am kinda underwhelmed how they covered this. They left a lot of truly juicy stuff out. I guess they have to take the high road and if people are interested in the rest of the story, they will Google and hopefully end up here.

      Can’t help but wonder if the next part of this story is gonna be lawsuits from customers who didn’t sign model release forms saying he could share their images all over the internet and sell them as stock, He surely isn’t that stupid, is he? Oh, wait . . . this is Jake we are talking about!

  • Username75

    This dude is the biggest douchebag in Nebraska history. We don’t claim this puke.

  • famousmortimer

    His Wikipedia page is now deleted, I wonder how that went down with him 🙂

    • Username75

      Probably throwing a bitch fit.

  • Crash Taylor

    I just deleted his interview from http://www.interviewsbycrashtaylor.com

  • Brian Hill

    So decided to link this article to his last 20 or so shots he posted on his facebook page.

  • AFactChecker1
  • Jennifer Radack

    Has anyone else notice he gave “Ashley” a Jeep for Mother’s Day last year (he even comments in the feed that they love it) nothing wrong with a Jeep, but not the Porsche he pictured. Simple Internet search proves the guy is a total fraud and not raking in “millions”.
    He is a bully AND a Liar. as he “cleaned” up all the evidence on his FB pages, guess he forgot about Ashley’s page. This is Karma biting him back big time.
    He needs to swallow a mighty big humble pill to dig himself out of this mess.

  • Walter White

    Well, I don’t know him, but from what I gather, he’s an asshole because he’s famous. Is that supposed to be something new? It seems to have worked for Kanye.

    Oh, and that picture of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo is so infantile, it is literally demeaning to Porsche, and they should sue him.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    Jake Olson, you’re an overpaid, repetitive, self-aggrandizing hack.

    Sincerely, Thomas Kinkade

  • I honestly feel bad for Jake. His behavior is in-line with a textbook definition of Psychosis, a psychoatric disorder common amongst alcoholics: “Psychosis refers to an abnormal condition of the mind described as involving a “loss of contact with reality”. People with psychosis are described as psychotic. People experiencing psychosis may exhibit some personality changes and thought disorder. Depending on its severity, this may be accompanied by unusual or bizarre behavior, as well as difficulty with social interaction and impairment in carrying out daily life activities”

  • I think this is a great piece of work here. It boggles my mind how guys that go crazy online, don’t realize that these kinds of things can mean the end to their careers. As soon as some of those “commitments’ get a hold of this story, he may be losing a few…if not most. In my opinion he deserves to have all his clients back out. Then he can sell his Porsche and buy more Happy Meals when he’s dead broke. He at least has some experience washing cars…and hell…that might come in handy.

  • He is a sorry excuse for a human being. His parents must be so ashamed. Wonder what he is trying to compensate for? A small …..?

  • Bill

    Sadly, I know people that are just like him but no where near as bad in character.
    I have a photo-friend that is very narcissistic, always reminding people of how much something costs or what brand he uses, and in a way is very much like Jake, but no where as mean hearted.
    My friend, and I call him a friend, has talent, but tends to shoot the same scene over and over, so he in a way is my Jake Olson friend.
    I don’t care if you use a box a crayons and a sketch pad, if you can deliver good results that please people over and over consistently, then, that means you have talent. Otherwise, keep practicing until you find that formula.
    I looked at Jake Olson’s photos, they’re good, very good, but not great. Too repetitive and seems to lack creativity and variety. Leading lines are great and all, but how many times are we going to see a long leading dirt road photo at sunset from him?
    The sad thing, is that he will continue to thrive, maybe not as well as he likes to brag about, but he will. Until enough people stand up and let others how much of a douche he really is.
    Professional, I think not. My 6-year-old is more professional than he is. What kind of A-Hole goes on a facebook group pretending to ask for critique just to show off and belittle others. Insecurity may be an issue with this guy.
    I stop using 500px just because I could take a photo of a turd and people would say “Great Job” or “Love it”. It wasn’t very productive or reliable for a decent critique, or at least it wasn’t for me.
    Who do I rely on for critiques? My clients. They are the ones that pay me, be it commercial or personal. Their styles of taste may differ from my own, but I don’t make them feel inadequate about it like this guy does.
    Jake should be proud that anyone after this ordeal pays him. Learn some humility and respect others. The world is full of douches and A-holes, you don’t need to add to the mix anymore.

  • Ray of Hope

    Here’s something I noticed. Other very notable photographers egging him on and saying they will munch “popcorn” and watch as he belittles others. The buck doesn’t stop with this asshole. Some of his “good friends” are just as soulless and ugly as he is, and they revel in people’s opinions of their photos as if it’s a reflection of them. Sorry d-bags. Your photos are a reflection of your skill. And skill is never a real reflection of character. There are so many skilled egomaniacs it’s not even funny. JD LH JO MB are all a bunch of crazy, ugly, horrible people and there are tons of people munching popcorn waiting for them to crash and burn. The good guys are Dani Diamond, Bryan Peterson, etc… they are the people willing to share and give support. Back them. Their talent is just as good, they are just as many covers, and they are far better people.

    • Lani Holmes

      Who is JD?

  • spookiewon

    The only photo of his I believe I’ve ever seen is the one posted here. I like it. It’s not without flaws, including the halo one person noted in the critique. And it is a halo, whatever Jake may say. No image is perfect. I can’t speak to an obsession with roads, because this is the only image of his I’ve ever seen, but I’m not, in general, averse to photographers having a niche or some bit of subject matter they specialize in or are known for.

    He does seem to be an ass. A complete and total ass. It’s probably a good thing for him that he’s memorialized his short-lived wiki page on his Facebook header, since it’s since been deleted for being “non-notable.”

    I’ve met other photographers with a self-important bent, who seem to think the criterion determining great art is publication.

    Even if he was famous, and he doesn’t really seem to be, that wouldn’t make him a better photographer. I know some great photographers, many who are equally published as this guy, and some who aren’t as widely published and are probably better than he is.

    That said, I like this image.

  • Topsy Kretts

    I could jump on the bandwagon at this point and jump in with the prodding of my pitchfork, but I step back and wonder what is going on behind the scenes. Surely this guy hasn’t always been like this, or has he? Is he going through some personal breakdown? Now the scales of the keyboard courts have made their decision, things will only go downhill from here for him. Clearly there is not any room for people that treat others so poorly, but I do wonder about the why and the how.

  • John M. Cooper

    He is obviously brilliant, more than what can be called talented, a true communicator in the medium of imagery…imagery that general populations world over see enthralling & captivating. By his shear experience & mastered technique, he does not “struggle” creating such images, they come naturally for him & that maybe part of the issue…great minds need challenge and in this stage of life finding that challenge has become elusive & for his own reasons, his “communications” has been termed by many as abusive. For one who over the years has presented constant beauty from his work, I simply wish him well, peace & reconciliation for his existence with his creator, who whether he realizes it or not, is the true source if his inspiration.

  • Vanex Xex

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  • Mia

    He has some over-obvious mental health issues. Hope he gets help.

    • Firstly, for those who have not yet seen it, here is the Facebook post that is garnering so much attention:

    • Missourimedic

      Yeah. His behavior goes well beyond arrogance and jerkiness. He’s probably a mean drunk, who posts those rants when he gets hammered every night. It’s definitely not the behavior of a mentally healthy man.

  • Giuseppe Salvini

    I am happy that I read this article because I was one click away from purchasing one of his classes. I didn’t know that he was such a low human being. Thanks for the heads up !!!

    • Satsuma Imo

      Same here… I was so close to paying for the $2.99 course if not for the wrong PayPal password I typed in. Then some clicked in my mind to do a rep check on this guy first. I would not take any of his classes even if it’s for free.

  • Jonathan Perry

    his wikipedia page doesnt mean he isnt FAMOUS. idk if he is or isnt. matter of fact, idk who the f**k he is…. but… again, that page doesnt mean he isnt famous… it just means those who contributed didnt include the much needed proof.

    & i mean…
    it seems like he isnt media-trained. and in my opinion, thats a good thing. i dont want someone giving me regurgitated answers over and over again. its nice to see someone with an actual personality again.

    is he a heel? of course.
    but who cares. id rather have that then some carbon copy that the industry thrusts in our face.

  • Lorretta Matthews Clarke

    I unfortunately did buy a $7.99 package “photoshop secrets tutorial” It was a dropbox download that was a discussion with a customer over a photo of his. at least half of it was moving around his lightroom picking a photo to work on. The only thing I got from it was that he uses Efex Pro to change greens to orange to give that glow he’s famous for. Unfortunately the Secrets are still secret. I also had problems downloading it, I don’t have winzip.

  • Nas Esmeralda

    Almost purchased his “Photoshop Secret Tutorial Videos”. Good thing I did my research first and found this. I don’t like purchasing anything from douchebags. Karma is real, it may not hit him now but it’ll come eventually.