Julia Kuzmenko is one of the United States’ most accomplished beauty photographers and retouchers. Her work has been seen millions of times, been featured in websites and international printed magazines and been emulated time and again. Many of her fans believe her work is as good as it is because of her retouching, and as good as she is with a Wacom tablet (and she’s a veritable wizard), the truth behind her outstanding imagery is that she’s a maven in the studio. The secret to her success is her talent with lighting and her camera, and Julia just announced the availability of “Go Pro: Studio Beauty,” a tutorial product that will teach you everything there is to know about capturing the perfect images in camera, so that the process of post production is second to the craft of getting it in studio.

Go Pro: Studio Beauty is a combination e-book and video tutorial. The e-book is over 100 pages, and the video tutorials come in at more than 3 hours. Together, Julia has packed this product with a ton of information.


Artistic and technical guide for photographers interested in professional Beauty Photography. We always aim to shoot right in camera, so we teach how to produce images that will require as little post-production labor as possible through correct lighting and avoiding common mistakes.


This course does not include the business or retouching side of Beauty Photography, but we do intend to create other courses that will cover those areas.

It’s important to note the difficulty level of this tutorial. Though Julia does go over many important beginner subjects such as lens selection and understanding how flashes work, the majority of the tutorials cover Intermediate to Advanced-level workflow and technique. That is to say, you would get the most out of this product if you come into it with at least a running head start knowledge of how to take a photograph.

Go Pro: Studio Beauty video training was created for amateur and professional photographers who are interested in expanding into Beauty Photography, including both Beauty Portraits and Commercial Beauty.

The primary mission of this course is to teach you, the photographer, how to confidently and consistently set up beautiful lighting for portraits and beauty photography, as well as how to plan and execute a photo shoot when working with a creative team.

Besides a lot of background information on how to get started, the tutorial goes over several specific lighting setups that you can use to jump-start your portfolio. Check out a few of the photos you can learn to create:





The best part? Though Julia used a studio to produce these images, you can take her techniques in just about any sized space (I would know, I’ve seen her do it). For example, if all you have is a living room, no problem! Many of these setups (especially the upper body only shots) are very compact and can be set up in a matter of minutes.

Julia has already received a few great reviews from viewers:

The Go Pro Studio Beauty video training is a new amazing photography training for everyone that needs information, direction or even inspiration. Julia Kuzmenko McKim, Aleksey Dovgulya and, of course, the rest of the team, have done a fantastic job of providing detailed intelligence around beauty photography, creating a unique guide full of useful and inspirational content.


The first two chapters helped me understand why my past photo shoots weren’t as smooth as I wanted them to be. They also clarified how I could fix many of my past mistakes.


…I found the lightning tutorials very broadening my sense of what I know and have to learn. But I must say, that I really love the order in which the content is put together. Starting with easy basics and evolve to manage a whole shoot.


The “Camera, Lenses & Lighting equipment” section was, in my opinion, the most important section of the book. Two years ago, I spent close to $4,000 on equipment I thought I needed because of various blogs. I was buying equipment because I thought it would make me better, but I didn’t understand the practical uses of the products I was buying. Now I can make an educated decision on what equipment and accessories to buy.


 For a full breakdown of the chapters, lessons and photo setups that are included in this tutorial, make sure to check out the product page on MasterBeautyPhotography.com. Right now, and for the next week, the tutorial is on “launch” sale that brings the price down from $199 to $169 using promo code GPSB169, so don’t miss out on that if you plan to invest.

For more information, again make sure to check out the main product page.