Lowepro has had some mixed results when it comes to making a bag for drones, but they may just have finally mixed the secret sauce with the announcement of their latest DroneGuard Backpack. Giving it what I am calling the “Pro Tactic” makeover, Lowepro’s new bag looks like it is actually a backpack you’re going to want to wear.



The DroneGuard Backpack 450 AW, the full name, is an armored shell backpack with modular interiors that will fit a DJI Phantom (including the new Phantom 4), the 3DR Solo, or similarly shaped drones. The pack will fit the drone, plus batteries, props, an RC/transmitter, cables, manuals and tools. The pack includes a dedicated CradleFit pocket, constructed to suspend and safeguard a 10-inch tablet, and a molded, FormShell top pocket for easy access to sunglasses, headphones and other essential items. The bag’s straps feature SlipLock attachment loops to expand capacity by adding pouches and cases for water bottles, memory cards and more.


Built with a Lowepro ActivZone harness for breathable and supportive suspension targeted at shoulder blades, lumbar spine and waist, the DroneGuard Backpack should be comfortable to wear over long distances frequently traversed by drone pilots. A built-in All-Weather AW Cover may be deployed to protect the pack from extreme environments and elements, including rain, snow, dust and sand, ensuring the valuable gear it contains arrives safely.

My main question here is… where does the controller fit? The description says it can handle the RC transmitter but the photos don’t show where that would be stashed. I’ll be interested to see this in person next week at WPPI.

The DroneGuard will retail for $249.95 and is available now.