My name is Marky, and I’m an Instagram Husband… Knock on wood! First, I am still single but I know the feeling of the husbands shown on this video. I remember years ago when my then-girlfriend gave me the silent treatment for hours after I laid down my camera on the sand and proceeded to swim on the beach, when she was still asking me to take pictures of her in what felt like a gazillion more poses. Since then, I always check out dating prospect’s Instagram pages if they have thousands of photos of themselves (Those who fall under a couple of hundred make the cut). That said, character and values should always take precedence – against any Instagram habits when choosing a mate in life, that’s why I understand the husbands featured on this hilarious video spoof as to why they play to their wife’s wishes in becoming their official Instagram photographer. As they say; “Love conquers all“, including a wife’s penchant for uploading Instagram images of themselves.

Because “behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me, and a brick wall,” says Jeff, a proud Instagram Husband. Oh and it’s important to note that the number one rule for Instagram Husbands is to never ever buy your wife a selfie stick, because that will make you irrelevant as an Instagram Husband.

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