G-Technology is expanding beyond desktop storage with it’s first enterprise-grade NAS, the G-RACK 12. The G-RACK 12 streamlines demanding media and entertainment video workflows, including 4K and above resolution, with a scalable 12-bay server offering capacities up to 120TB. Its reliability, high-performance, and centralized storage capabilities are perfect for small-to-medium size post-production houses, TV/broadcast studios, ad agencies, and in-house creative departments using Adobe Premiere® Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer or other creative applications. An optional expansion chassis is available for expanding up to another 120TB of storage. The G-RACK 12 is the ideal storage solution for collaboration, utilizing quad 10-gigabit Ethernet connections for high-speed data transfers, saving both time and money.


G-RACK_12_ProductImage_Hero_NoBezel_DrivesOut_HR G-RACK_12_ProductImage_Ports_HR

The G-RACK 12 incorporates a G-Technology-developed NAS operating system with BTRfs file system, with an easy-to-use graphical interface, removing the complexity of typical NAS administrative systems. The 12-bay, expandable units incorporate enterprise hard drives and are available in 48TB, 72TB, 96TB, and 120TB storage capacities.

The RACK runs on dual 6-core INtel Xeon processors (12 cores), 128GB of RAM and quad Gig-E Interfaces. It also has dual redundant power sources and it’s rack design is made for expanding over time to growing businesses.

G-RACK 12 pricing varies depending on capacity and configuration, of course:

  • 48 TB – $16,999.95
  • 72 TB – $22,999.95
  • 96 TB – $27,999.95
  • 120 TB – $32,999.95

Not cheap, but they are designed for scaling businesses, not home offices. In that market, G-Tech will be competing with Dell, Seagate and other large-scale storage manufacturers. It’s a new realm for G-Tech, and time will tell how this product fits in with the competition.