RGG Edu is known for some of the best photography workshops and tutorial videos around. The production quality and thoroughness have set them a level above most other photography education outfits. This week the team over at RGG Edu will be debuting their 5 episode behind the scenes series as they shot a recent documentary in Papua New Guinea.

The first of these behind the scenes episodes went live today and in the extended 30+ minute video Gary goes over the gear and production equipment, as well as the thought process behind each item. It is much longer and more detailed than most ‘whats in my bag’ type video. If you have the time it’s a great way to not only see what gear the team used but get the ‘why’ for each item too (which, in my opinion, is more valuable than the what).

The documentary, which they shot during this past September, will follow internationally acclaimed photographer Sandro Miller as he photographs portraits of over 100 tribes in Papua New Guinea. The documentary and tutorial, title ‘Portraiture & Publication With Sandro Miller’, is set to release to early bird purchasers on April 19th. You can catch the trailer for this latest RGG Edu workshop below:

Again, the behind the scenes video shown above is just the first of a 5 part series that the guys at RGG Edu will be releasing throughout this week. I found this first one really quite interesting and I can’t wait to see what other great entertainment the others coming this week will be as well.

You can follow these BTS videos as well as other content related to this upcoming Sandro Miller video workshop by checking out the RGG Edu Youtube channel, here. You can also find out more about being one of the first to get this new workshop over on the RGG Edu website, here.