We here at Resource Magazine are excited to unveil our newest website, ResourceUnbox.com. We created this site for one purpose: to help our readers get the best gear at the best price. Resource Unbox is a continuously updated curation of the cameras, lenses, bags, lights, microphones, tripods, and everything else that we think are the absolute best on the market. We want to help you easily find the right equipment without having to scour the internet for reviews or spend days in a store. With Resource Unbox, you can spend less time shopping and more time shooting.

Resource Unbox Category Page

At the top of the site, we’ve broken everything down into simple categories. “Cameras & Lenses” has, well… cameras and lenses! Basically, if it’s completely necessary for making an image or video, you’ll find it in this section. All the gear that supports your camera and lens system in some way can be found in “Gear.” Things like light meters, travel tripods, and 4K monitors can all be found in this section. The last tab, “Cutting Edge,” will let you know what everyone in the photography industry is talking about and lusting after. Not only does this section include the hottest, recently released products, but it also is home to tech that is yet to hit the mainstream, like virtual reality, drones, and even cloud-connected paper notebooks.

Resource Unbox Product Page

Once you get onto an individual product page, the utility of Resource Unbox becomes clear. Not only do we take our own product shots so you know objectively what each item looks like, but we also have our own unboxing videos that will show you everything that comes in the box (hence the name “Resource Unbox”). We’re really excited about this setup and know that once you see one of our unboxing videos you’ll want to see them all. Besides the photos and videos, we briefly explain why you might want the product in question, give you some quotes and links to the most informative reviews, and even tell you the best place to buy that particular item.

Soon, we’re planning on adding some new categories to offer you everything you could possibly need to get the best photos and videos. We’re already planning on adding unique and discounted kits and photography education courses, but we’d love to hear what else you want to see on the site in the comments below.

Fuji X-Pro2

So let’s say you’re thinking of switching over to a mirrorless camera, but you aren’t sure which ones are worth considering. If you click the “Mirrorless” sub-category in “Cameras & Lenses,” you’ll see only a handful of mirrorless cameras. These are the ones that are worth considering, everything else you can probably ignore. A quick glance will let you narrow it down to the cameras that will suit you best, lets say it’s between the Sony a6300 and the Fujifilm X-Pro2. On each of those pages you can easily see what’s included for the price and read the most useful reviews out there, making your decision much easier. Once you’ve made your decision, you don’t even have to look for the best deal or the most trustworthy site, just purchase it through the “Preferred Retailer” and you know you’re getting the best gear out there at the best price without the hassle.

Resource Unbox takes the extensive knowledge of the experts here at Resource Magazine to let you, our readers, know what we’re eyeing on the market. If you find something on the site, then it’s a great buy. Simple as that. Be sure to check the site periodically, since we’ll be constantly updating and expanding our collection to reflect the continuous changes in the photography industry. If you want to be the first to know when something is added, or if you just love awesome unboxing videos, be sure to subscribe to our Instagram and Youtube channels.

Happy shopping!