Microsoft today announced the launch of their new Music x Technology initiative. The new site will be focusing on how technology, music and art all intersect to the benefit of both artists and consumers. Updated monthly, Music x Technology will feature content curated by Microsoft to highlight artists using Microsoft technology to think outside the box.

“Photography and music have a long history. With making these portraits, we wanted to think about the relationship between these musicians and an audience — with technology as the conduit for that relationship.” – Carlo van de Roer

To kick off the new initiative Microsoft teamed up with Carlo Van de Roer of Satellite Lab to produce an interactive photography project which profiles musicians who have stepped up their game using Microsoft

In these interactive portraits, visitors to the site will be able to control the light sources to discover new pieces of the scene. It’s sort of like using one of those Lytro light field cameras, except rather than focusing on different aspects of the scene you are moving the light around. As a photographer, it’s a really neat experience.

As cool as the final interactive portraits are, the process of making them may be even cooler. According to the Microsoft press release, Van de Roer created the visual portraits using a high­speed cinema camera to freeze a moment of time with light sources moving at over 10,000 feet per second. This technique and the technology involved allow the photographers to control movement and lighting independently, resulting in the awesome results we see on the Music x Technology site.


This interactive portrait project, according to the Microsoft release, is just the first of many collaborations that highlight how Microsoft technology helping musicians creative unique art to promote themselves and their music. If the future collaborations are as cool as this one was, I am really looking forward to next month’s update.

For more information you can check out the Music x Technology website.