In a story that is highly unusual, photographer Jason Lanier is scheduled to speak to detectives this Thursday regarding an incident that took place on April 3, 2016. According to Lanier and his team, a man in a large 4×4 pickup truck barged onto a walking trail in Echo Lake Park, Texas, nearly hit members of his team and damaging or destroyed his photo bag containing $30,000 in equipment.

“If he would have continued down the path I would have certainly been smashed… and not just me,” said Lanier according to CBS news. No one was hurt in the attack, but Lanier and his crew were visibly shaken up in a video he released today.

On April 3rd at Echo Lake Park in Fort Worth Texas a man driving a truck illegally drove recklessly onto a wooded walking path where Jason Lanier was conducting a shoot with a model and assistants. In the process the truck drove over Jason’s gear bag containing tens of thousands of dollars of gear. Most importantly the driver endangered the lives and well being of everyone there who was using this walking path. This video is being released to alert the public to this person in the hope that he is held accountable for this behavior.

Sheriff’s officials are asking anyone who recognizes the truck in the video give them a call at 817.884.1215.

Lanier Attacked by Man in Truck

What’s strange is though Lanier says he thinks the truck driver was trying to intimidate them, it’s not exactly clear why. Maybe he just didn’t like photos being taken in the park, maybe he just didn’t like photographers. All we know is if what Lanier is claiming is true, this guy acted incredibly recklessly and could have hurt several people.