Cooperative of Photography, or COOPH as you may know them, just released this incredibly inspiring video documenting some of the most important and powerful images ever captured.

In our latest video we explore iconic images through the ages in which powerful human emotions were captured. Whether it’s the breaking down of the Berlin wall, a kiss of life or a man standing on the moon for the first time – take a moment to absorb these powerful images…

Photography is such an underappreciated, yet important part of our lives. Just think, imagine a world where photographs were never invented (this would also mean no video, since that was a continuation of photography). So much of what we see of the world, so much of what we know about the world is thanks in large part to the photography and videography that has taken us to these places. Think about all of the things you have seen, the people you know, the events you have witnessed that would not have been possible if not for a picture.

You Never Know What Moment Will Inspire The World. The video closes with that line, and I think that it is an important thing to remember. We may get paid to shoot weddings, or portraits, or a new short film – but it’s those moments we are not paid for, those moments we may just happen by, that can have a lasting impact on the world – if only they could see it.

So as the video says; Get your camera out, and Keep Shooting.