We have seen some great examples of 360-Degree video, like the time we got to experience a flight with the Blue Angels, or the harrowing moment we were just above an active volcano. But today’s viral video way be the most hair-raising we have ever seen, and we actually mean that literally.

Gustaf III Airport on the Caribbean island of St. Barts is popular with photographers, as the tricky landing zone forces pilots to descend rapidly over a hill and a road before landing. 46-year old photographer Sebastien Politano told The Daily Mail that a group of photographers had gathered at the dangerous turnoff along the road to get their chance to capture their own up-close and personal photos of the approaching planes.

As a plane descends, Politano was capturing footage on his new 360-degree action camera when the plane almost hits the photographer dead center, only missing thanks to his last-minute duck that happened just a split second before impact.

Politano told The Daily Mail‘The man felt the wheel of the aircraft touching his right hand. He just said, “It hit my hand, it hit my hand.'”

After avoiding certain death, the photographer gets credit for not skipping a beat and turning quickly to capture the plane from behind as it landed safely.

Take a look at the below screenshot to see the moment the plane grazed the photographer’s hand…and if you are in St. Barts, think twice before attempting to get the photo.