It’s been quite a while since we last talked about, or even heard about, Beme… right? It feels like an eternity ago when Casey Neistat launched the app to great fanfare only to have it just about fizzle out less than a month later. Plagued by usability issues and bugs, as well as an interface that left many scratching their heads, Casey spent a few months promoting it before going radio silent.

But now the silence is broken, and Beme is still very much alive.

In an article on Mashable, Neistat recognizes that the app was having trouble. “At the end of last year, we had a harsh realization that we were not such a shining star and were much more aligned with other social media launches. Downloads slowed to a few thousand a day from a much more robust number and active engagement became a lot less than what it was.”

Now Beme is re-launching, with what Neistat and co. hope is enough of an app to really get going. There is now a scrolling feed of videos that have been shared, and it’s also possible to go back and see old content. Bemes don’t disappear like they once did, so understanding a whole story on either a day or a whole person is much, much easier.

Oh and hey, profile pages!


These are all updates that scream “that wasn’t there before?” or “well that was weird to leave out,” and we agree, it’s strange to have launched Beme without these things, but that’s what development cycles are like. The core technology of Beme, which is sharing without looking at your phone, is still there and is still the main selling point. But now it’s more like Snapchat/Facebook/Twitter, but with that element of “unedited, unfiltered life.”

So when Casey’s latest Vlog asked “What the hell happened to Beme?” it answered that question by showing that Beme is not only still around, but looking to make a bold comeback.

Will it? Well, that’s up to you.