Creating visually attractive content that cuts through today’s online clutter isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially for those with limited time, budget or design expertise. To help out these creative minds communicate on a more profound level while still keeping it simple, Adobe announced Adobe Spark on Thursday—the latest on its list of graphical solutions.

Adobe Spark presents itself as “the only integrated web and mobile solution to easily create and share impactful visual stories.” It’s a browser-based web experience for creating social posts and graphics, web stories and animated videos, and consists of three fundamental components:

1) Spark Post: With this, Adobe tells us users can create stunning social graphics in seconds. “Pick a photo, add text and apply design filters to instantly start a viral phenomenon.” See the video below to see the workflow in action.

2) Spark Page, (previously Adobe Slate) serves those in need of creative web stories.“Turn words and images into beautiful, magazine-style stories that will impress readers on any device,” says Adobe.

3. Spark video, previously Adobe Voice, creates compelling animated videos, also in minutes. “Record your voice, add photos or icons, select from professional-quality soundtracks and cinematic motion—and voila!”

With two out of three parts already sort of existing in the past, one might wonder if this is not just a relaunch in disguise, adding just one feature that’s really new. That’s not the case, Adobe claims, “they are still here in spirit,” but, “we gave them a makeover and some new features along with sparkly new names, and brought them to the web.”

Oh, and did we mentioned that Adobe Spark is free? It’s engineered for anyone, from the smallest of businesses to bloggers and social media marketers, to a new generation of students. Furthermore, Spark projects automatically sync between your computer and iOS devices, so you can create and share whenever inspiration strikes. And yes, that means there is no equivalent for Android yet.

So why did they name it “Spark”? Because, for Adobe, it “represents that small thing that can ignite something much bigger.”

Here’s some additional information:

  • Adobe Spark is available for free at
  • An Adobe ID, Google or Facebook-login is required to use the apps, so that projects can sync between devices.
  • Spark Post, Spark Page and Spark Video are all available worldwide as free, English-only downloads for iPad and iPhone via the Apple App Store.