Adventure junkies will soon have a cooler toy to play with in documenting their exploits, as the GoPro media team just unveiled its newest baby: the company’s first 6-camera spherical array, the Omni.

Designed to shoot videos in 360 degrees, it is GoPro’s answer to the VR question on the tip of everyone’s tongues. The video was shot by extreme athletes Jesper Tjader, Halldor Helgason and their equally adventurous friends and uses showcases the new 360 rig at the course used for the Suzuki Nine Queens freestyle skiing event. Testing the main capabilities of the GoPro Omni to the hilt – the team came up with a footage showing a mind-blowing 360 degree view of freestyle skiing. This short video instantly give justifications at the early raves the Omni got from the fortunate ones who have tried it so far. Expected to hit the market soon after further improvements is made on the camera, the Omni should shake things up in the sports photography industry and give GoPro the boost it needs right now.

“This video was produced using prototype Omni units. Expect significant improvements to the overall output quality upon the product release.” -GoPro

Early retail inclusions of the Omni includes its bundled 360-degree video editing software, Kolor – which will allow users to put together separate video recordings into one collective spherical video. Excited buyers can pre-order now at a price of about $5,000 but the final released date is scheduled around the third week of August.