“Beauty is one of the most precious things nature provides us with. It is up to us to take care of it.” With this slogan in mind, the French cosmetic brand Le Petit Olivier, for its twentieth anniversary, launched their #RespectonsLaBeaute campaign, urging us all to start showing respect to the sincerity of beauty.

Through advertising agency Leo Burnett, they ended up with New York based and award winning commercial photographer Vincent Dixon, who was assigned to create a visual confusion between the female body and inspiring landscapes. “One of those rare moments where we were given considerable creative freedom,” Dixon writes in a Storehouse post, which eventually led to “a fine art series” and results “I am very happy with”.

In 21 pictures and a 50-second TV spot, Dixon takes spectators on a journey across what at first sight appears to be an impressive set of landscapes. Only, they’re not – they are nudes, poetically composed to celebrate beauty, nature and femininity.

The campaign was presented last month in the Parisian gallery Nikki Diana Marquardt, where the pictures could be admired in a hardcover book or separate large prints. It was a thrill, Dixon adds, to see his pictures in print, “just as much as it was when I first started photography”, which has been quite a few decades.

Assuming that the chance is pretty big that you weren’t in Paris last month, we kindly provide you with Dixon’s website, where you can view the entire portfolio. And for those among you wondering what the TV spot looked like: there is always YouTube!