The essence of art is none other than to elicit some type of feeling from the viewer, and arguably visual stimuli has proven to be the most effective way of doing so. Even when listening to music with eyes closed, your mind will fabricate images to match or contrast the string of notes that draw from the music. Photography is only one of the mediums used to further enhance visual stimuli, and photojournalism, fashion photography, wedding photography and other only tread in the shallows of the range of topics photography can capture and expose.

Some possess a natural eye and inclination for capturing exactly what makes humans feel, but for many others, those who do wish to pursue a career in it, this eye can be taught or further enhanced with schooling. Here’s a list of some of the best schools around the world, for photography. A change of scenery, after all, might be the first step you need to start your photographic career.

1. Sir JJ School of Applied Arts — Mumbai, India


Opened in 1935 and awarded independent status in 1961, Sir JJ School of Applied Arts has, since, become affiliated with the University of Mumbai to which students of the Applied Arts school will be awarded a certificate upon graduation. Not only does this school offer a recognizable program, one of the biggest draws is it’s unique location and the new perspectives it offers, which trumps that of many other schools.


2. Vevey School of Photograhpy — Vevey, Switzerland

Widely regarded as one of the best schools for photography, Vevey School of Photography in Switzerland has won numerous awards and is known for it’s own International Photography Award which grants € 33,000 for photo projects and initiatives. Along with being a fine arts school, Vevey also offers courses for those who wish to pursue other aspects within the realm of photography including production, sales and other.


3. Film and TV School of the Academy of Preforming Arts — Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the Central European Center for cinema having several renown visual arts schools around the city. Being a perfect balance between big city and small town, along the outskirts, Prague is a cultural hub and the cities around it, a quick escape from commercialism. Viewing photography in both an artistic and practical way, a fundamental belief of the school is that photography should be taught in a way that is both focused on beauty and applicability to socio-scientific research and contemporary society.


4. Ryerson University — Toronto, Canada

The oldest and most prestigious photo school in Canada, Ryerson offers students lessons focused in the theory and craft of photography and brags of ‘work placement’—the chance for students to involve themselves in internships and gigs at companies geared toward their area of expertise.

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5. Köln International School of Design — Köln, Germany

Being a school geared toward design and the fine arts, Koln offers a selection of courses geared specifically toward photography and a wide selection of other courses that fall in conjunction with photography, therefore widening the scope of skills one may possess to tread ahead in the photo world.


6. Istituto Europeo di Design — Rome, Italy and Madrid, Spain


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the Istituto Europea di Design is an international school that spans several countries around Europe the main two being Italy and Spain. The focus of the photography program is to ready it’s students in the area of visual communication, gearing them to market their work as well as they create it.


7. Tokyo Zokei University — Tokyo, Japan

Considered one of the best visual arts schools in Japan, Zokei University treats the art of photography as a form of literacy and educated its students accordingly.


8. Kent State School — Kent, UK

Kent State School in the UK offers a photojournalism course within the journalism major that sets students up for a long standing and practical career reporting news in media via photography. Held in conjunction with other journalism and media related courses, this school offers the best of a photography degree that is both artistic and practical.


9. SPEOS — Paris, France

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Being a relatively new university, founded in 1985, SPEOS has already garnered a surprising amount of renown both by the arts community and the media for it’s impressive curriculum and affiliation with giants of the photo world including the likes of Cannon, Nikon, Minolta and more.


10. National Institute of Design — Ahmedabad, India

Again following the streak of unique locations, the National Insitute of Design in Ahmedabad offers students not only a renown photo program—considered one of the best in the state—but also the chance, for international students, to get educated in a culture and destination who’s doors have remained rather closed to most of mainstream media. A true gem in the field of uniqueness.


11. Photography Studies College — Melbourne, Australia

One of the few colleges with a focus on photography, the Photography Studies College of Melbourne Australia is a leading educator in the art of photo imaging for those who wish to make the trip down under.


12. Accademia Italiana — Rome and Florence, Italy

In one of the fashion capitals of Europe, the Accademia offers students hands on experience in fashion photography working in a country that is considered one of the fashion giants of the world.


13. Royal College of Art — London, UK


Located in Kensington Gore London, this college is in prime location to assimilate into the face paced London lifestyle, gifting students the chance to capture London life through their photographs.


14. European Academy of the Fine Arts — Trier, Germany

Situated cozily between the Hunsruck Mountains and Moselle Valley, this university gives students the chance to develop their skill set in an intimate environment that is as scenic as it is inspiring.


15. Gerrit Rietveld Academie — Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Gerrit Rietveld Academie preaches autonomy, teaching students not only the art of photography but the art of independence, gearing students to take on the photo and art world both before and after graduation.