In the film world, directors often go unnoticed. The starring actors are the ‘faces’ of the movie, attracting moviegoers eager to see their big role in the next big blockbuster. Even less recognized than the director, are the other vital members of the crew such as the cinematographer(s), who are largely responsible for how a film looks and feels as it is translated on screen.

The aesthetic beauty of a film can be credited quite largely to the cinematographer whose eye for framing, lighting and scenery will often dictate the end product of the film. So here are a few notable cinematographers whose work you’ve probably seen more than once without noticing.

  1. Frederick Elemes
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Elemes has been around for quite some time, and has produced several films with director David Lynch, including Wild at Heart and Blue Velvet, both of which were recognized for their excellent cinematography. He has also worked repeatedly with Jim Jarmusch on Coffee and Cigarettes, Broken Flowers, and Night on Earth, which won the Independent Spirit Award for Best cinematography.

  1. Lance Accord

Perhaps most known for his work with Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze, Accord is famous for his films such as Being John Malkovich, Lost in Translation, Where the Wild Things are and other cult favorites. Having a very malleable and versatile style, Accord alters his style accordingly to the director and subsequently the director’s vision, that he works with. From brash and crudely violent sleek films, to silky, luxuriously hazy ones, Accord’s style truly chameleons very well.

  1. Hoyte van Hoytma

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A cinematographer who came into light in the more recent years he has already made a name for himself with blockbuster movies such as The Fighter, Interstellar, and Her. Originally from Switzerland, Hoytma worked on several international cult classics including the recent day vampire favorite, Let the Right One in.

  1. Christopher Doyle

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An Australian cinematographer known for his notable and profuse work in Asian cinema, Doyle’s claims to fame include a long list of impressive films including many of Wong Kar Wai’s older flicks—Chung King Express, Happy Together, In the Mood for Love and many others. His close work ties with Wai, and their shared unique artistic vision which often features mood altering color enhancement and framing with in the frame of the screen make him one of the most creative cinematographers of recent decades.

  1. Robert Yeoman

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Most known for his work with Wes Anderson, Yeoman’s style can be characterized as quirky and colorful. Every frame combines an intricate collection of set-props and otherwise unnoticeable clues that you could spend months analyzing, still coming up with new discoveries within the frames every time you watch.