At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced all the new features of its next operating systems versions, such as iOS 10. Other than much-debated introductions as differential privacy, HTTPS encryption on all iOS apps, or Apple’s new facial recognition feature, there was another major novelty that hardly got the attention it deserved.

iPhone-photographers will be pleased to hear that Apple will soon be introduced RAW photo editing. “Finally,” some say, as Apple’s competitors have been supporting RAW for a while now. The “announcement” only was visible for watchful ones who kept an eye on the slides that were used during the presentation:


TechCrunch‘s Greg Kumparak got the upgrade confirmed in an afternoon workshop, and was able to pilfer some details. For example, RAW will only be enabled for the rear camera, and iOS 10 will be able to capture RAW and JPG simultaneously.

Although both JPG and RAW have the same pixel size, a RAW file usually uses about 25 MB of storage space while JPG only needs about 5MB. That makes it very likely that upcoming iPhones will up their storage capacity and processing power. However, Apple didn’t mention anything about the rumored iPhone 7, let alone its rumored dual lens camera.