Not too long after the D500, Nikon’s latest powerhouse APS-C DSLR, started getting into users hands it was reported that individuals were noticing battery inconsistencies. But the issue only seemed to effect old batteries, not new batteries that had come bundled with the D500. Well, we are now learning that the issue appears to be with the older batteries, and not with the camera itself — sort of.

Something in the older EN-EL15 batteries causes, according to Nikon, the D500 to display an incorrect number in regards to the maximum number of images possible on the charge. In reality, it’s nothing that would prevent you from taking a picture, but it would give you the wrong idea about when you needed to change your battery.

As such, Nikon has stepped up to the plate to address the issue and make it right for D500 owners. How you might ask? Simple, they are offering to replace older model EN-EL15 batteries with the newer version that does not have this issue on the D500. The new batteries will still work in your old cameras, only you will no longer have to deal with this annoying issue on the D500.

Given the cost of brand new Nikon brand EN-EL15 batteries, this is a pretty generous offer from Nikon. Especially if you happen to have a ton of extra EN-EL15 batteries that need to get switched out (though don’t be surprised if there is an unpublished limit to Nikon’s generosity).

Also, just to clarify. This issue only affects older EN-EL15 batteries and not the battery that came in the box with your D500.

If you have a D500 and are interested in getting some replacement batteries from Nikon you can find all the info about how to do that over on the Nikon support website, here.