The possibilities of accumulating new ideas from having dinner with friends can be boundless. Discussion over a sumptuous meal can range from finally realizing your political clout, to listing down highly recommended films to planning the next trip and sometimes just like what happened to Lauren Purnell, it can kick start a brand new creative passion. As she relates to Instagram blog how she got the idea to starting her Culinary Canvas Instagram feed after a dinner with friends: “I turned my leftover food it into a tree… and I just called it the spaghetree.”

Her first creation in that dinner table instantly became a hit, thus the 23 year old London-based artist from Canada started crafting her imaginative ideas from leftover food. Digging more creative juices from her day job as a brand strategist, Lauren eventually filled her Instagram feed with a visually pleasing collection of art images that has now garnered almost close to 10,000 followers.

“I love the idea that my pieces could inspire people to stop wasting food,” she adds, as she explains that the colors produced by the skins of fresh fruits and vegetables brings out the a more livelier appearance and texture to her art.

Since we can’t recycle leftover food and eat it again, it is a comforting thought to learn that an artist like Lauren has found a way to ‘re-purpose’ it and show her Instagram followers how one can create art even from the most bizarre of materials.

To view more of Lauren’s Leftover food art, follow her @culinary_canvas on Instagram