If you are a mirrorless fan or more specifically a Fujifilm fan that no doubt you have likely been wondering when we will be seeing an updated X-T1, likely called the X-T2 with that sexy new sensor you can find in the X-Pro 2. Well, as with many rumors, we simply don’t know, some reports linked the camera to a mid-june release, and then a delay/push back to early July.

Regardless of when it comes, it seems that it may include a *Fuji First* feature in the form of 4K video recording. Fuji reps have stated that the X-Pro 2 can’t shoot 4K because it can’t handle the thermals (aka, it gets too hot and overheats). But an interesting rumor cropped up this morning that may point to how (at least in part) the X-T2 could have 4K and the X-Pro 2 not – an upgraded battery.

According to the report over on Fuji Rumors, which cites a ‘trusted source’ (or someone who has been privately vetted and confirmed, or a tipster who has been correct in the past.)  as saying that the X-T2 will come with a new an updated NP-126 battery that – among other things – offer improved heat control and dissipation. In other words, these rumored NP-126 vII batteries will not get so hot inside the camera when they are discharging their power.

Now, obviously not all of the heat that prevents the X-Pro 2 from recording 4K video comes through the battery, but it could be a significant enough portion that allows the Fuji engineers the ability to squeeze 4K out of the body without melting the chassis or frying the sensor. This rumor also hints at some sort of power boost mode made available by pairing these new batteries with the battery grip.

Beyond just the resolution, though, let’s hope that Fujifilm has taken some strides in terms of their video quality, codec and other video quality issues that have plagued them for years now. The color rendering from the Fuji cameras is second to none, and I know many videographers who have admitted to wanting to shoot with Fuji if not for the poor video quality. A move like this from Fuji, not only bringing 4K, but improving video quality, battery life, heat dissipation and more would really catch some attention.

I’m just sitting over here with my coffee and my X-Pro 2, waiting to see what Fuji has up their sleeves. It will be very interesting to see how it stacks up to something like Sony’s A6300…