Pixbuf made waves last summer when it was announced as a one stop shop for photographers to upload, share, and analyze their images across social media. Initially, the service did not support sharing to Instagram, a big let down that in my opinion really held the service back from being a true all in one solution for photographers.

But that limitation is no more, and with PixBuf adding Instagram support I find myself wondering if this is the best solution out there right now for photographers to share their images. I currently use Hootsuite, which is nice because I can do largely the same thing, but it costs money and is not targeted at images specifically. Some would say it’s more useful that way, and while I would agree, it also loses some of the specialization features that Pixbuf has thanks to focusing strictly on images.


For those that need a refresher, Pixbuf allows photographers to connect all of their social media profiles to their pixbuf account. Then the photographer can upload images, and the service grabs the information about that image from the EXIF. Any missing information can be filled in by the photographer. Then the photographer can schedule or add the image to a scheduling queue, where Pixbuf will schedule the image for the ideal time on each of their social accounts.

pixibuf-2It’s a great tool for photographers who have trouble keeping up on all of their social media accounts, it allows you to just upload the images, fill in some information about it one, and then thrown it in line to be shared at a later time. Then, ever so often you can hop back over to Pixbuf to add some more images and check on your analytics to see what type of images are resonating the best with your followers.


The service is still pending for Behance, VSCO, and Google Plus integration, and while many photographers use those networks the primary needs of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are represented. In my opinion, if you are just needing a service to help you share images, and you aren’t needing a fuller solution like Hootsuite or Sprout Social, then Pixbuf seems like the ideal choice for a photographer. It is powerful, optimized for images, and free. You can’t beat free, especially when the service is a quality one.

You can learn more about Pixbuf and sign up for yourself over on their website, here.