In an email distributed to EyeFi Cloud users, EyeFi has announced that Ricoh is purchasing their relatively new cloud storage service. This doesn’t appear to include the SD card business, the EyeFi Mobi and Mobi Pro.

We are pleased to announce that Ricoh Innovations Corporation (RIC) and Eye-Fi Inc have reached an agreement for the acquisition of Eyefi Cloud, and associated apps, by Ricoh. RIC is a member of the Ricoh Group which is a $19B dollar market leader in digital imaging. Ricoh is dedicated to providing imaginative products and services that improve people’s lives through products such as its Pentax DSLR, Theta 360 cameras and many others. This unique blending of technology and expertise creates new opportunities to enhance value for our customers.

The Eyefi Cloud team will immediately join Ricoh and is excited about bringing even more innovation to our customers around the world. We are dedicated to maintaining and increasing the quality, support and service that you have come to know from our team. One thing will remain the same, our passion for photography and protecting your valuable memories.

As PDN pointed out, EyeFi had been expanding relationships with camera companies including both Olympus and GoPro, which resulted in direct connect support straight out of the cameras. With Ricoh now taking hold of the business, it remains to be seen if they will continue to build out their support, or curtail it back to only Ricoh/Pentax cameras.

EyeFi has said that this will not change support to any current EyeFi Mobi and Mobi Pro customers will receive “identical support” to what they are receiving now.

Curious… curious all around.

  • Ego_Vigilabo_Vigilum

    This is part of the move of Eye-Fi trying to boost revenue by abandoning it’s non-cloud products and forcing users into a subscription model. Eye-Fi just sent the users of the products below that after September 16, 2016, they are screwed.

    Customers with Eye-Fi 1.0 product line and Eye-Fi Premium subscriptions will be impacted by this EOL process. Effective September 16, 2016 the following products may no longer operate:

    Eye-Fi 1.0 Products:

    All original pre-X2 products (Original, Home, Share, Explore, Video Share, Video Explore, Pro)

    4GB Geo X2
    4GB Connect X2
    8GB Explore X2
    8GB Mobile X2
    8GB Pro X2
    16GB Pro X2
    Visioneer X2
    Sandisk X2
    Eye-Fi Windows desktop software (Eye-Fi Center)
    Eye-Fi Mac desktop software (Eye-Fi Center)
    Eye-Fi app for iOS
    Eye-Fi app for Android
    Eye-Fi Center web app (

    • Reynard

      The Toshiba cards also require you to disconnect from the internet (if you’re using your WiFi for that) just to transfer pictures.

  • Reynard

    Form letter to send to EyeFi just to express your anger:

    I have been a happy Eye-Fi user for years. They’ve generally worked well and I recommended them to others.

    Receiving your email about removing support for X2 cards this morning has made me furious. That your company would have the gall to sell cards that would be obsolete within a few years is preposterous. Weasel words about “encryption technologies changing” etc are meaningless, as SSL has not changed fundamentally over this time and all the Wifi protocols are still supported by today’s routers. Nor is an option given to just accept the risks.

    There’s no reason these cards should even need an outside service just to transfer photos camera-to-PC.

    I suspect you are cutting costs by not having to maintain older systems to support the older cards. Your company has an obligation to your customers to make sure the cards work without your involvement beyond your support period, or to keep supporting the cards. If you were offering an decent discount on upgraded cards then I could stomach the transition, but a 20% discount adds insult to injury.

    I would have updated to the Mobi cards in time anyway, but out of principle I will avoid Eye-Fi products in the future and advise my photographing friends to do the same.

    Shame on your company.

  • The Peak Oil Poet

    Ricoh has proved it does not understand the cloud – the Eye-Fi cloud system was/is crap and you do not need it at all to get the best out of Eye-Fi X2 series cards which i assume are being discontinued precisely because they are too powerful and do not allow Eye-Fi to lock customers into Eye-Fi solutions and subscriptions