MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD: Warning, the video in this post contains many key points and discussion of circumstances in the final episode of Game of Thrones, Season 6.

This was easily my favorite episode of the series so far, and that will probably be the case for many others. Ever since the season began, it appeared the show’s directors were more willing to speed up the course of events as they moved past what George RR Martin had written. This final episode is the sort of perfect example of this, because there was so much happening.

This video from the Game of Thrones crew goes into detail on the episode, including some great descriptions of how some of the best scenes were shot, with some revealing behind the scenes images.

It is my personal opinion that this season took a step above the rest with its cinematography and score, and this episode was no exception. The score was absolutely stunning, especially the opening sequence.

If you watched the “behind the episode” after the show, you’ll see a portion where they discuss calling back to the original “king of the north” scene from an earlier season. You can see the difference in how they lit and shot that vs. what they showed tonight, and the cinematography is clearly a step above. It’s truly beautiful stuff.

Enjoy the detailed behind-the-scenes video above, and we can all wait another year for the seventh season.