Ok, we have seen this view of the Golden Gate Bridge a thousand times. But there’s more to this photo than most. About 53 billion pixels more. That’s right, this is a 53,000-megapixel photograph.

Because this picture is actually a collection of 70 separate images, blended together to frame a beautiful Bentley Mulsanne. For that, the constructor of luxury cars used actual NASA-technology, the same that was used by the Curiosity on Mars.

Sound too good to be true? Well, go to Bentley’s website, and start scrolling. You’ll be amazed by what your scroll wheel conjures up.

To actually get a Bentley Mulsanne in your garage, you’ll need about $350,000. But it seems that the point of this campaign is to show you how much attention to detail the constructor has for the car you get for that money.

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