Toby Harriman is one of the most talented timelapse photographers out there, specializing in what I can only describe as “weather.” He has many projects in the past where he looks at cityscapes or people, but his best work (and what he enjoys the most) is photographing the beauty of weather. He has told me time and again, he loves clouds; clear skies are boring. In his most recent film, Toby shows why he has fallen in love with Alaska through some spectacular visuals of the United States’ most northern state.

A year ago, Toby headed off for Alaska with his friend Sarah for what would become a two month backpacking trip through the giant icy state of the north. “I still have a ton of stuff coming out from the trip. Tons more video aside from this and some blog posts sharing more info. In short, Alaska is beyond incredible and definitely exceeded my expectations,” Toby said in the video description on Vimeo. “It was a place and a trip that has been on my mind ever since I left. Not only were the landscapes stunning, but my favorite part of the trip were the amazing people, strangers that took us in all over the place.”

“We were so lucky to have made new friends all along the way. We hitch-hiked over 20 different times, tent camped over 30, couch surfed, and a few nights at hostels.”

Before this trip I tried to swap out as much gear as possible for ultra lightweight gear. We have been living out of a backpack for two months, so you can imagine I am carrying a bit to much. It was crucial to get my weight down and it has been a huge help. I definitely owe a few of my sponsors a huge thank you for all the support. I have been playing around with @rhinocg new EVO Carbon Motion Control system and it is incredible, lightweight and super easy to setup and use. I also owe @benrousa a big thanks for getting me two super lightweight travel tripods. They weigh basically nothing! I got these in the mail three hours before my flight! I make it a goal to only use partner with companies I truly believe in. This shot was taken at Matanuska Glacier last week when we were ice climbing. I was shooting 4k video of @jussiruottinenphotography climbing. Can't wait to share all the footage someday 🙂 #AKorBust15 #alaska #benro #rhinogear

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“Since then, I have been way to caught up in life, work and the usual semi-fresh-out-of-college adult stuff. So much so I completely forgot about this timelapse film I put together. So I figure what better day to release then on my birthday today! A year ago today, we were deep in the Denali National Park and Preserve backpacking units, celebrating my 25th and popping Champagne which we packed in (and out).”

Happy birthday to Toby Harriman! Here is to many more years of outstanding visual storytelling.