ExploreCams have recently released an interactive infographic to help us wrap our heads around the vast meta-data of an entire photographic community. Using ExifTool technology, they analyzed just under seven million photos across various platforms including Flickr, 500px and Pixabay and have developed a simple way of illustrating the wealth of data they’ve acquired. The main goal is to give some insight into what’s currently popular in cameras, lenses, as well as shoot settings.

What makes it unique is its weekly updating, meaning the information will grow over time. Which is more trendy, DSLR or mirrorless? Who’s winning the big Canon vs. Nikon debate? From week to week, you may not see much change, but further into the future it will provide easily accessible evidence into trends, and possibly provide the average user with the power to make future predictions. Whether it’s exploring new techniques or just a first time buyer figuring out what tech will suit their needs, ExploreCams has done the world a favor.infographic3The infographic gives insight into a few broad but key areas. Each segment is split into a top 5 with an “other” group to fill in the gaps. The camera body categories focus on global popularity by brand, which is also broken down into individual brand camera body or lens preferences. You can also see what are the most prevalent lens combinations for in demand cameras. So as of writing this, if I wanted to know what the most used lens was for a Canon EOS 7D, I could see that it’s the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS. Perusing the the rest of the colorful diagrams, you’ll also come across various camera settings. Focal Length, ISO, exposure mode, shutter speed, and aperture are all represented giving you an overall understanding of the range most photographers tend to stay in. The cherry on top is that you can click through on some of the lenses and cameras found in this infographic and jump into ExploreCams related archives.infographic4
It might not change the entire world as we know it, but it sheds light on detail that would take a lifetime to acquire on our own.