Model Mayhem has long been a go-to for models and photographers who were looking to find people to work with outside of traditional agency channels or shady craigslist advertisements. Tinder has been a big deal in the mobile dating world, bringing together local singles and developing a modern app-based take on the dating game. is a mixture of the two concepts above, looking to pair models and photographers – as well as other industry professionals like makeup artists and stylist – to make booking your projects that much easier.

fstop-fm2The web-based app – meaning it is optimized for mobile use, but runs through a simple browser – allows photographers and models to create profiles, upload portfolios, publish rates, message each other, and even accept/receive payments. As I photographer I signed up, uploaded a profile picture, confirmed my phone number with a verification text, and filled out my profile information which included information such as my rates, what I was looking for, and what I could offer.

After finishing that process you go to the ‘browse’ section, which takes on the Tinder characteristics of the app. You tell the app what you are looking for (In my case a model, near my location with a verified phone number and pictures) and you are shown an image which you can like/dislike. In my case, being as Portland isn’t exactly a hotbed for the modeling world and this app is so new, I ended up having to extend my range out to 500 miles before I returned any model results.

But in other larger markets, like LA, Miami, or NYC the pool is already a good size, allowing you to potentially find models to work with much quicker than by going the Model Mayhem, Agency, or Craigslist route. I was talking to a buddy on the east coast over the weekend who was giving the app a try and actually booked a shoot with two out of the 5 models he reached out to after just a few messages back and forth.

The success of, in my opinion, will be firmly rooted in their ability to get both models and photographers signed up in locations other than those modeling meccas. I could see several other photographers signed up in my area, and as noted above, only a single model account within 500 miles. That will have to be drastically improved for the app to gain any industry-wide traction like Model Mayhem has.

That said, its off to a great start, and I can definitely see the potential. You can learn more about it and sign-up for a profile yourself over on Maybe you will have better luck with models in your area than I did in mine.