Today Musicbed released a feature-length documentary that follows different artists on what drives them to create. Called “MAKE,” the film looks at the hearts, minds, successes and failures of creators with a cast of visionary artists, designers, filmmakers and musicians answering deeply personal questions about their creative lives. While this is not the first documentary about creativity, “MAKE” aims to go deeper and get more personal about how an artist’s identity in what they make is affected when their ego gets in the way.

MAKE is a feature-length documentary for the modern creative, produced by the team at Musicbed. This film is a question. A conversation starter. It’s an examination of the reasons we create and the things that drive us to make something new — passion or success. The film looks to examine the myth of creative success and what it means to live a healthy life as an artist.

I’ve watched most of the film now, and it’s pretty excellent. The cinematography is engaging, the story is easy to follow, and the whole thing really speaks to me as a creative professional. I highly recommend you check it out!

Featuring: Indie Musicians Sylvan Esso, Flagship, Drew Holcomb and Dave King | Filmmakers Eliot Rausch, Salomon Ligthelm, Jonathan Bregel, Reed Morano A.S.C. | Designers Aaron Draplin, Danny Yount.

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