In wake of the recent terror attacks in Nice, France, there have been mass tributes made from people of all backgrounds to the victims and others affected by the attacks. Among those who have contributed include European and global nations holding their flags half staff to athletes and fans mourning at sports games to pop-stars like Rhianna dedicating part of her performance to those who suffered as a result of the mass killings.

Outside of the more media covered tributes, there are many other tributes made from lesser known artists and sympathizers that are equally as provoking and powerful. Of these include Fabien Ecochard’s delicately edited short on the beauties of Nice. Nicely, named very appropriately, is a tender portrayal of life in Nice, France where civilians live simple lives by the water, not short of any loveliness. In a three minute time frame Ecochard captures a day, from morning till dusk, spent in Nice where kids throw rocks in the sea and sunlight streams like ribbons, never fully setting—even by the film’s end—on the city.

Fabien Ecochard is a up and coming French photographer and filmmaker who’s work often depicts the simple beauties of everyday life in the different locations he’s travelled to. Nicely, is one of his first short films. To see more of his work be sure to check out his website.