With more than 26 years of experience, Sue Bryce is one of the most recognizable photographers in the glamour, fashion and portrait imaging industry. After becoming the most watched instructor on CreativeLive, she created her own online educational platform, where she educate sphotographers and empowers businesses, using what she calls her “signature techniques.”

In an emotional blog post on her website, in which she thanks the “team of giants” who have meant a lot to her, Sue now announces the re-launch of her website for photographic education, therefore calling it “Sue Bryce Education 2.0.” The newly-designed educational website will include more than 200 instructional videos, 50 behind-the-scenes photo shoots and host a weekly live broadcast every Tuesday to cover a variety of topics. Throughout the year, Sue will also host a series of live, 3-day workshops.

Members of “Sue Bryce Education” will have access to hours of educational content to help them hone their photo skills, learn new techniques, and understand the business of photography to build a rewarding and profitable career.

To make her “2.0” platform the most effective, Sue partnered up with her three giants: Craig Swanson, George Varanakis and Aaron Andersen. Sue calls them “three of the biggest innovators of online learning in the industry.”

From left to right: Aaron Andersen, George Varanakis, Sue Bryce and Craig Swanson

For the $35 per month subscription, members will have 24/7 access to exclusive content covering all creative and business aspects of running a photography studio including all of the tutorial videos and photo shoots. The videos address numerous topics, and students will have direct access to Sue, mentors and fellow students for a complete, interactive experience.