Trey Ratcliff just posted a gif to his public Facebook profile that he says he created with a new “secret” software that lets him transform a single image into a mesmerizing animated gif. This may sound like a cinemagraph, but it’s slightly different. Cinemagraphs combine video and stills to create a moving image, but Trey says this image was made from what was once just a single still image file.

plotograph trey ratcliff

This is a little teaser for a new software tech — the big reveal I’ll share tomorrow and over the weekend. This is a totally new tech that allows you to animate a still photo. Yes, you read that right — this started as a single photo from Burning Man + some software I’ve been secretly testing.

It’s called a Plotograph, and you can find out more on the Plotograph Pro website that has the software.

I guess we’ll find out more information soon, but it’ll be interesting to see what this software can do. From what we can see above, it looks like it is warping the fire background in a loop, which works for something like fire but wouldn’t be particularly useful for other types of motion (for example, a moving person).