To celebrate tonight’s premiere of Season 3 of FXX’s You’re the Worst, our staff-favorite dark comedy, here’s an exclusive look at Aya Cash (Gretchen) in her first-ever cover story for the “Social Media Issue” of Resource Magazine, photographed by Natalie Brasington.

The photo concept for this featured aimed to subvert the paradigms of women “having it all” seen during the Golden Age of Television, creating a visually rich narrative comprised of environment portraiture mixed with subtleties of satire and irony. With this, we draw comparisons between antiquated ideals of womanhood and pervasive social pressures, asking questions of how being constantly ‘connected’ shapes and defines our relationships in this new age consumerism. We also touch upon a bit of nostalgia for the Atomic Age when new technology redefined a lifestyle, influencing the collective psyche of America, just as it does today.

Check out the full series of photos from the feature below—and enjoy the rest of Season 3 of FXX’s You’re the Worst!


To see the full feature in print, visit the Resource Mag Shop or head over to your local photo studio, prop house or Barnes & Noble. For more You’re the Worst coverage, check out our feature with Desmin Borges (Edgar)