Ok, so it’s not the prettiest product on the market, but it does make sense. The edelkrone Povie is a neck-mounted camera rig designed to hold your iPhone at neck level and allow your audience to see what you see. Based on their launch video, their audience is YouTubers or streamers who want to show their audiences what they are doing, but don’t want to sacrifice the use of their hands.

It may look totally ridiculous, but hell… it also looks like it works.

povie_promo_02 povie_promo_05

The Povie easily adjusts angles to whatever you might need it to face. It appears to use a tight hinge which can easily be adjusted, but won’t flop away from the angle it is set to.


For content creators looking for a new way to shoot, the $50 asking price isn’t anything beyond their reach. What do you think? Worth a try?