Sitting alone and listless on airport lounges while waiting for your flight can become quite dull and rings most true for travelers who can’t wait to reach their destination. With a camera on hand, sometimes we can’t help but search for interesting subjects to shoot and cure that little stretch of boredom. Such is the case of the Instagram users who took these images for our featured hashtag of the week: #AirportCarpets. Because who would have thought that taking a photograph of airport carpets can be Instagrammable, right? It turns out, a lot of passengers are doing this practice while whiling the moments until boarding time.

Here are some images of this week’s featured hashtag #AirportCarpets

Was I even in the airport if I didn't take a picture? #airportcarpet

A photo posted by Molly Silva ???? (@msilva95) on

As expected, feet take the starring role along with the many intricate and colorful patterns of different carpets from airports around the world.

Waiting #haneda #HND #flying #tokyo #japan

A photo posted by Inger Hogstrom (@inger) on

Hasta la vista Costa Rica! ???????????? #PURAVIDA #airportcarpets #TravelingGaby

A photo posted by Gaby Herrera (@gabyherrera.m) on

Patiently waiting for those tropical waters. #AirportCarpets #purgatory #notquitethereyet

A photo posted by Caitlin Legault (@caitlinlegault) on

Peace out #GFunk #airportcarpets #ATL here I come

A photo posted by Spence (@urunclespence) on

#AC #lounge #airportcarpets #yul to #ytz with #myman

A photo posted by Celyn Harding-Jones (@celynholly) on

Pgh takes the cake on airport carpets. @justinseverino #airportcarpets

A photo posted by Joel Orsini (@joelorsini) on

JFK —-> SFO #airportcarpets

A photo posted by Miz Margo (@mizmargo) on

i'm not coming home until it snows. #YVR

A photo posted by Mike (@skifreemike) on


A photo posted by Cale (@caleisgreen) on

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