We did not even get a chance to fully digest Facebook’s previous Snapchat-like release, and here they are with yet another one. According to The Verge, they just began testing a new version of their app, which should encourage us all to capture more videos and photos and embellish them with filters and stickers. It’s Facebook’s first time incorporating technology from the video effects app MSQRD acquired in March.

“People are increasingly sharing via videos and photos — on Facebook and beyond. And it’s our job to create experiences that help people create and share in the ways they want,” said Facebook in a statement.

The updated app should no longer ask “what’s on your mind?” when opened, but rather, an open camera. When you tap it, you should be able to capture footage in full screen mode, and then enhance it with MSQRD’s augmented reality filters. Then, like any other News Feed post, you can post the results on your timeline.

Yep, you got that right. Once again, it all sounds very similar to what we’re already capable of doing with Snapchat. Seems like Marc Zuckerberg is still not quite over his $3 billion dollar offer being turned down by the company back in 2013. And there’s of course the 21 percent decline in “personal sharing” that has recently plagued Facebook.

“We’re starting small, but the hope is eventually we can bring this really cool experience to people around the world — most of whom have never had the ability to experience the delight of opening up their phone and having it transform into this magical AR experience,” said Facebook product manager Sachin Monga to The Verge.

[via The Verge and Ubergizmo.]