Instagram has changed the way how people prepare for a meal. Yes, there are folks who still recite their grace before taking a bite, but for most social media savvy individuals, taking a photograph of the food served in front of them becomes an automatic task. How many times you hear a friend of yours say “Wait a minute, I will just take a picture of it,” each time the waiter hands over a plate at the dinner table when you’re out with friends? Someone always takes the lead and before you know it, everyone is taking their mobile phones and shooting their own food photos.

Thanks to this habit, the #FoodPhotography hashtag is ripe with some excellent images for those who like to eat with their eyes. Get ready to drool because it appears that more and more people are getting a dig, not only of appreciating good cuisines, but also of the stylistic manner of photographing food.

Because what we see at mealtime also represents the culture of different countries, viewing various food photographs on Instagram also exposes us to the varying palate of people from other nations. From Mediterranean food, to Italian, to Indian, Persian and Asian, the lists go on and further reminds us that the world is filled with ‘Eat, Pray and Love‘ destinations. Who wouldn’t mind traveling the globe just indulging in the ‘Eat‘ part?

It seems that foodies has now mastered different techniques of shooting food pictures. A whole cadre of food photographs appears taken in different creative angles. Apart from inventive angling, lighting also plays a vital part such as other aesthetics like the table cloth, plate designs and even other props that includes utensils and even a hand trying to cut a bit. All these comes into play  in composing a well-crafted food photograph.

The more ingredients, the more eye popping colors contributes to the visual appeal of every food images.

It comes as no surprise that more and more food establishments are even asking popular food instagrammers to dine at their restaurants for free and to some in exchange of posting some of their dishes on Instagram. Many people get their idea where to eat through social media and Instagram is among the most popular medium to check out what’s hot in the food industry. Thinking where to take your date for tomorrow night’s dinner? Well, Instagram has got the answers.

Just remember not to take too much time taking pictures of your food, because it is still better to down your meal while it’s hot – or cold in the case of deserts. Yum!