Even though born and raised Norwegian Mathias Haughom has not even reached his country’s legal age yet, he already possesses an unmistakable image making talent. With his drone, the 17-year-old has been making some of the most beautiful films of Norway we have ever seen. In  a talk with the British newspaper The Telegraph, he explains how that came about.

“I have always liked to make photos and videos, so I took a chance and bought a drone. My whole life I have loved Norwegian nature, but it was only when I started making drone films that I understood how special it is compared to other places and countries in the world.”

When he started uploading his films on his YouTube-account, Mathias claims that responses – “from abroad much bigger than from my Norwegian fellow mates” – were numerous and full of praise . “It means that Norwegian nature has big potential.” He “thought it was fun and just continued filming.”

Of course, Norway’s mountains and snowy landscapes play a key role in Mathias’s films. With its drone, he lets us enjoy his country’s most wonderful sunrises and mysterious cloud formations. He hovers over fjords and other creations of Mother Nature, adding some father-daughter-poetry while he’s at it.

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{via The Telegraph}