Everyone’s always asking how did our ancestors survive without the internet? Well here is one interesting theory (kidding).

As Instagram baffled the world this week with the release of Instagram Stories, IKEA coincidentally decided to drop their latest advert “Let’s Relax.” What beautiful timing. Instagram Stories have been met with some healthy skepticism and maybe it’s time for everyone to take themselves, especially food Instagrammers, a little less seriously.

Produced by Acne in Stockholm and shot on location in Budapest, the spot directed by Tomas Skoging and Filip Nilsso shows us an aristocratic 17th century France. One thing we (the people of the present) have in common with this family is that there’s always one who has to halt dinner for the sake of some likes. The problem for our ancestors here is that the 17th century didn’t have the latest iPhone with an app full of filters. Turning egg on toast into a trendy hashtag to share with the world took a little more effort. And a painter. And a canvas. And an army of servants with a carriage.

IKEA’s message is satirically clear, when it comes to dinner time, leave the likes, favorites, followers and hashtags at the door, this table is for family and food. Even if you’re not a fan of flat-pack furniture, everyone can appreciate the quality of the production. Every little detail is aesthetically manicured and we can all laugh at the oddity that is standing on chairs to get a perfect kale salad shot.