Though it’s still in prototype, this new filter holder system by Wine Country Camera looks poised to make the small adjustments needed to really improve upon what is already out there. Not only does this new holder look pretty, but the design elements going into it seem to take more care and consideration than any other filter holder currently available.

Here’s the first public preview of the Wine Country Camera Filter Holder System. All previous filter holder systems were sold by filter manufacturers as a “necessity.” The WCC holder is exquisitely designed. The filter vaults create a light-tight seal for the ND, plus the vaults leave the filters in a resting state, meaning there is no image distortion. The internal polarizer is actuated by an elegant rotating knob. The design is timeless and will make filter use a joy for everyone who uses it.

The WCC Filter Holder System adds robust trays, easy-to-access clips, and handles that you don’t find on other holders from popular brands like Lee. Instead of being forced to grab your filters by the sides of the glass or actually touch the elements, the WCC filter encases the filters in a frame that serves to better house the glass. That, and the seemingly more robust and clean design of the WCC Filter Holder System puts it several steps beyond what we are used to.

All that, and the WCC Filter Holder System puts more emphasis on “light tight” seals than anything we’ve seen before.

Wine Country Camera Filter Holder

What remains to be seen is price and weight, but if the holder as well as a few filters can stay right around the $300 mark, it’s hard to argue with what they have here. WCC says they plan to release the pricing soon, with finished product available by November.