About a week ago, I had the opportunity to review the incredibly fast Profoto D2 – the fastest monolight in the world with a flash duration of 1/64,000. Announced today from Profoto is something even faster – with the Profoto Pro-10 system, an upgrade from their much-loved Pro-8a systems used in larger photography studios all over the world.

For many, this new system should not be much of a surprise. Released in 2008, the Profoto Pro-8a packs are still the industry standard within larger photography studios and were likely due for an upgrade. The purpose behind the Pro packs comes with their robust build. In short, these are the Profotos that are built like tanks – designed to outlast most studios all together.

At nearly 30lbs, the Profoto Pro-10 sports some impressive upgrades from it’s older flagship – most notably the access to HSS and AirTTL, as well as a flash duration of 1/80,000th of a second, and recycle speeds up to 50fps at lower power. With the Canon 1DX Mark II and the Nikon D5 setting the bar around 16fps, these speeds are still unachievable by camera systems today. The Profoto Pro-10 system also supports an 11-fstop range, as well as two outlets capable of powering two 500W modeling lights on the Pro heads. And as always, the Pro-10 is capable with all ProHeads from Profoto, from the ProHead Plus to the ProRing Light systems.

For more information on the systems, be sure to check out Profoto’s announcement.