It’s likely that Canon has dropped the biggest announcement of the year with the release of the Canon 5D Mark IV. The much-awaited announcement has been met with both excitement and skepticism. Many are intrigued by the refocusing aspects within the camera, and many videographers were hoping for more with the 4K functionality.  Either way, took to their stock of new cameras and decided to take one apart, to see how it works.


With being one of the leading rental houses for camera equipment, it’s no surprise they have plenty of Canon 5D Mark IVs in their warehouse. However, upon receiving their shipment of these brand new cameras yesterday, they decided to take one off of the rental queue and do some investigative cracking open.


Obviously, I can’t recommend that you do this yourself, as you’ll likely be left with extra parts when you put it back together. Still, with the expert help of Roger Cicala and Aaron Closz, we’re able to see what exactly is inside this camera. Sadly, it’s not a bunch of magic and rainbows, but rather, state of the art circuitry and electronics.

Canon-5d-mark-iv-break-2 Canon-5d-mark-iv-break-3

For a full look at the insides of this new system, be sure to go to’s blog post on the topic. However, the cliff notes were that the build quality is better, weather sealing better, and much to many people’s surprise, plenty of empty space within the camera.